Funding Sources

Seed Funding

The Director of CCV has, as his discretion, a small internal research seed fund to directly support and enable the use of CCV facilities. The purpose of the seed fund is to offset the initial cost of using the CCV facilities and enable initial exploratory work and development of efforts utilizing CCV facilities, e.g., large scale computing efforts using the parallel clusters, manipulation and analysis of large datasets using the Lustre filesystem, use of the immersive Cave or PowerWall visualization facilities etc.

The seed fund, following approval of a brief proposal, supports the use of the CCV facilities for up to 12 months with the expectation that alternative sources of funding will be sought subsequently to continue the effort.

For details on application procedure and requirements for the proposal, please contact the Director of CCV, Jan S. Hesthaven (

Resources available through the Office of the Vice President of Research

The Vice President for Research is pleased to offer a number of research funding opportunities for Brown Faculty. Research Seed Funds and Salomon Awards are competitive grants distributed directly to faculty researchers and administered by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR). The Departmental Research Funds for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are distributed to departments by the OVPR, and the funds are allocated to individual faculty in a merit-based process overseen by their department chair.

A professor at any rank or any senior lecturer active in research is eligible to apply for these funds. Faculty members who hold named chairs are eligible to receive them, but adjunct, emeritus, and visiting faculty are not. Below you will find brief descriptions of these awards, and you may also visit the OVPR website for more information and a downloadable guide to application.

Research Seed Funds are intended to support activities necessary to advance large-scale, interdisciplinary, multi-investigator proposals, such as collecting preliminary data and facilitating collaboration. It is expected that a competitive proposal will be submitted within a year of the completion of the Seed Fund period. With an annual budget of $400,000, these awards are up to $100,000 each

The Richard B. Salomon Faculty Research Awards were established to support excellence in scholarly work by providing funding for selected faculty research projects deemed to be of exceptional merit. With an annual program budget of $200,000, these awards are up to $15,000 each.

Departmental Research Funds for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences help support faculty research in departments and fields in the arts, humanities and social sciences with limited external funding opportunities. Expenses that may be supported by this fund include, but are not limited to, travel to research conferences or archives, preparation of manuscripts and articles, and securing permissions. Interested faculty should see their department chair about obtaining up to $2,000 through this program. In fiscal year 2007, $305,000 was distributed to 32 departments.

Funding possibilities through the Provost's Office

The ADVANCE program, seeking to increase the retention and advancement of women faculty in science and engineering, currently has career development awards that provide funding of about $15K to faculty to develop plans to meet colleagues, potential collaborators, and informal mentors.  The awards given last spring were used to develop dept. seminar series on departments, develop international collaborations, and other similar activities. However, it also seems that they could provide some support for CCV activities.

While last year’s awards all were given to women, the awards are open to both male and female faculty.

More information regarding this opportunity can be obtained from the leader of ADVANCE, Associate Provost Pamela O’Neil (