Integrating the Study of Mind, Brain, Behavior, and Language

Our aim is to represent a leading center for the multidisciplinary study of mind, brain, behavior, and language - including such phenomena as perception, thinking, learning, memory, attention, action, personality, speech, language processing, and linguistic structure. The department examines the functional organization of these capacities, the representational and computational processes that underlie them, their neural bases, their development across the lifespan, and how they shape individual and social behavior. (See more...)


Which variables influence control over learning and action? How do people decide to blame others for their behavior? How do we select an appropriate action, given our goals? A stroke leads to resolution of foreign accent syndrome. Searching for memory. New software automatically identifies behaviors of laboratory mice. How do we integrate higher-order cognitive processes & actions? How do we make decisions and learn from experience? Using an immersive virtual environment to test perception & action. Using electrophysiology & optogenetics to probe memory.

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