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‘Explorers’ Use Uncertainty and Specific Area of Brain - New Paper in Neuron by Prof. David Badre and Prof. Michael Frank

CLPS Professors David Badre and Michael Frank have collaborated on a new paper in Neuron.

As they try to find the best reward among options, some people explore based on how uncertain they are about the outcome of the options.  Those who employ that thought process, unlike people who use other strategies, uniquely harness the computational power of the rostrolateral prefrontal cortex. Read more about their study, or view the video abstract.

New Book from Prof. Rachel Herz: 'That's Disgusting'

Prof. Rachel Herz has published "That's Disgusting", a new book on the mysteries of repulsion. She will be reading from her new book Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012 at the Brown Bookstore.

@the_herald: 'WHOA New Metcalf Classrooms'

The Brown Daily Herald visited our newly-renovated building for the first day of classes, and we rated a 'WHOA.' They also covered our new home in a full-length article.

Brianna Doherty, Cognitive Neuroscience Sc.B. Class of 2012, Wins Rhodes Scholarship

Brianna Doherty, Cognitive Neuroscience Sc.B. Concentrator, Class of 2012, has won a 2012 Rhodes Scholarship, and will be studying neurodevelopmental disorders at Oxford next year.

Much of her work focuses on understanding how autism spectrum disorders affect the ability of children to feel empathy toward others. Brianna is also a painter, a DJ, and a dancer; and studied art history in Florence. She is a peer advisor and a leader of the Brown outdoor leadership program and a certified wilderness first responder.

Read more details in the Brown University press release and in the Brown Daily Herald.

Geoffrey K. Pullum, Leader In Linguistics, To Be the Gerard Visiting Professor for 2012-2015

Geoffrey K. Pullum, Professor of General Linguistics at the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh, will be the Gerard Visiting Professor in the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences during the Academic Years 2012-2015. He will be teaching half time, and will in 2012 teach an undergraduate course on the structure of English based on Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey K. Pullum, The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (Cambridge University Press, 2005) and will in the future also teach graduate courses on issues in Cognitive Science and Linguistics.

In addition to Professor Pullum's vast research contributions, he is one of the founders of and a major contributor to Language Log.

Prof. Joachim Krueger Featured on CNN about China Bystander Incident

For CNN, Prof. Joachim Krueger has authored an explanation of the Bystander Effect as demonstrated in a recent headline-making incident in China where many people did not stop to help a toddler run over by a truck.

CLPS Moves Into Renovated Metcalf Complex

We have moved! We are just starting to settle in at our beautiful, newly-renovated home in Metcalf Hall. Brown has published an extended piece on the renovation of our space and other reclaimed spaces on campus.