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Brain Researchers Study High-Tech Ways to Overcome Brain Injury

About a year after winning a major share of a nearly $15-million grant, a team of Brown professors, including Prof. Rebecca Burwell, is developing and using new technologies to study the brain. Their goal is to inform the development of therapies that could restore functions lost to injury and stroke. Read more and view the video.

Mary Bates, Ph.D. '11, Shows "How Bats Stay on Target Despite the Clutter" in the Current Issue of Science

The prestigious journal Science has published dissertation research of our 2011 PhD graduate Mary E. Bates. With James Simmons, Mary learned how bats can remain on target despite obstacles. The key lies in bats’ neural response to echoes from their sonar pulses. Learn more in the Brown University press release and from the Science article abstract

Heidi Jiang, Sc.B. Cognitive Neuroscience '11, Wins Distinguished Senior Thesis Award

We are pleased to announce that one of our Cognitive Neuroscience Sc.B. students, Heidi Jiang, has won a 2011 Distinguished Thesis Award from the Dean of the College for her thesis, "The Role of Disabling Conditions in Predictive and Diagnostic Reasoning." Visit the Dean's site for further information.

David Badre is Selected as a 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow

Prof. David Badre has been awarded a 2011 Sloan Research Fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. These awards are given to early-career scientists and scholars in recognition of achievement and the potential to contribute substantially to their fields. More information available from the Sloan Foundation.

Rebecca Burwell Wins 2011 Romer Advising Prize

Congratulations to Prof. Rebecca Burwell, who has been awarded a 2011 Karen T. Romer Prize for Undergraduate Advising and Mentoring from the Dean of the College. The Romer Advising Prize is presented each year to two faculty members who have demonstrated extraordinary care in attending to the academic and personal needs of undergraduate students.

Bradley Doll, Ph.D. '11, Finds a Genetic Association With Adhering to Advice That Conflicts With Experience

Bradley Doll, Ph.D. '11, has led a study in Prof. Michael Frank's lab which found that specific genetic variations can predict how persistently people will believe advice they are given, even when it is contradicted by experience.

The story they tell in a paper in the April 20 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience is one of the byplay between two brain regions that have different takes on how incoming information should influence thinking. 

Read more in the Brown University press release.