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Living in a Constant Din, Bats’ Hearing Remains Resilient

Bats need sensitive hearing to function effectively, yet live immersed in an intense clamor of sound. A new study by Prof. Andrea Simmons and her lab shows that the noisy background doesn’t reduce their hearing sensitivity, which is a rare immunity in nature.

Brown News has published two related features on this research:

CLPS to Host 2016 International Conference on Thinking

Brown University CLPS is pleased to sponsor the 2016 International Conference on Thinking. This conference brings cognitive scientists, psychologists, philosophers, decision-making researchers, and others together every four years to discuss the latest research and ideas about how people think. This August will be the conference's first foray outside Europe. For complete information, please see the ICT16 website.

For Syrian Refugee Children, Scholars and Scientists Combine to Connect Research with Relief

A collaboration between Dima Amso (Assoc. Professor in CLPS) and Beshara Doumani (Director of Middle East Studies) is working to examine ways that early life stress affects the developing brain with the hope of assisting those working to help refugee children, such as those displaced by five years of fighting in Syria. Read more about their work with Syrian refugees in Jordan, and the conference: 'Brains in Crisis: Stress and Resilience in Syrian Refugee Children' at the Brown News site.

TA Applications for Fall 2016 Now Open

Undergraduate students can now apply for Fall 2016 TA positions in CLPS courses using our online application form.

Prof. Joo-Hyun Song wins NSF CAREER Award

For her studies on how distraction affects motor learning and action, National Science Foundation recognizes Assistant Professor Joo-Hyun Song with a CAREER award, which she’ll use to advance her research. Read more about Prof. Song's work and award at the Brown News site.

New Research on Visual Attention: Its Role in Memory and Development

An infant stares intently at her mother’s face, as if memorizing its details. She reacts with laughter just when dad walks in the room. She closely tracks her sibling as he runs around at play. This lumbering, slumbering, nonspeaking person is present, attending and learning at a rate that is perhaps unmatched at any other point in her lifetime. In the lab of CLPS Professor Dima Amso, they study the behavioral and neural processes that are the cornerstones of such an infant’s developmental journey.

Read much more at the American Psychological Association's Science Brief about Prof. Amso's work.

Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative Gets New University Support

The Humanity-Centered Robotics Initiative (HCRI) was begun about three years ago by a group of faculty who wanted to bring a wide variety of academic perspectives to bear on the field of robotics. A new commitment from the University will enable the group, which is co-led by Professors Bertram Malle (Cognitive, Linguisti & Psychological Sciences) and Michael Littman (Computer Science), to hire an associate director and postdoctoral researcher, support conferences and symposia, and provide seed funds for new robotics research. 

You can read all the details at the Brown News site.