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Humans and Rodents Face Their Errors

What happens when the brain recognizes an error? A new study from James Cavanagh in the lab of Prof. Michael Frank shows that the brains of humans and rats adapt in a similar way to errors by using low-frequency brainwaves in the medial frontal cortex to synchronize neurons in the motor cortex. The finding could be important in studies of “adaptive control” problems like obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, and Parkinson’s.

Read more about this study at the Brown News site.

TA Applications Available for Spring 2014

We have opened up applications for undergraduate TAs for CLPS courses in Spring 2014. Please complete our online form to apply. You will need to login with your Brown University Google credentials to complete the form.

How Sleep Aids Visual Task Learning

Prof. Takeo Watanabe's research group investigates what happens in the brain during sleep to lock in learning of a visually oriented “Where’s Waldo”-like task. Read more at the Brown News site.

Climate Change, War, & Psychology

A team of psychologists led by Stephan Lewandowsky (U Bristol) has organized a special issue on the psychology of conflict and peace in the American Psychologist. The articles in this issue explore the opportunities for psychological science to contribute to conflict reduction or prevention. The first article (Lewandowsky et al.) discusses how climate change the misrepresentation of information about climate change poses serious but tractable risks to peace. Joachim Krueger, Professor in the Department of CLPS, is a co-organizer of the special issue and a co-author of the lead article. You can download the article here.

Prof. Andrea Simmons Awarded International Fellowship

Prof. Andrea Simmons has been awarded the 2013 Invitation Fellowship for Research in Japan from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Prof. Rebecca Burwell - Linking Memory & Vision

Brown Alumni Magazine features several high-profile neuroscientists at Brown, including Prof. Rebecca Burwell and her studies on the link between memory and vision, or how what we’ve seen in the past influences what we’re seeing in the present.

Psychology AB & ScB Info Session: Tues. 24 Sept.

An information session will be held for all students interested in the AB or ScB Psychology Concentrations on Tuesday, Sept 24, from 4-5PM, in room 305, Metcalf Research Building (CLPS Department). Students unable to attend the session may contact (AB Psych Advisor) or (ScB Psych Advisor) for further information.