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Prof. Fiery Cushman Awarded Wriston Fellowship

Brown has recognized Professor Fiery Cushman by awarding him the 2013-2014 Henry Merritt Wriston Fellowship. This award honors young faculty who are fulfilling Brown's diual mission of excellence in both teaching and research. Professor Cushman was remarked as standing out not only for his innovative teaching but also the range and originality of his scholarly accomplishments to date.

Seed Grant Awarded to Prof. Sheila Blumstein

Professor Sheila Blumstein has been awarded a 2013 Research Seed grant. These competitive internal University grants are distributed directly to faculty researchers and are administered by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR).

Prof. Brian Hayden Wins Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professor Brian Hayden has been awarded Brown University's Elizabeth LeDuc Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Life Sciences. Congratulations to Professor Hayden for this recognition of his devotion to his students, and his very high quality of teaching in CLPS.

Prof. Emeritus Lew Lipsitt Receives American Humane Association Award

CLPS Professor Emeritus Lewis Lipsitt received the Vincent De Francis Award at the American Humane Association’s 18th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect in Washington, DC. Read the full story from the APS Observer

How the Brain Builds Context From Objects and Places - Prof. Rebecca Burwell in 'Neuron'

A new study led by Prof. Rebecca Burwell in the journal Neuron suggests that the brain uses a different region than neuroscientists had thought to associate objects and locations in the space around an individual. Knowing where this fundamental process occurs could help treat disease and brain injury as well as inform basic understanding of how the brain supports memory and guides behavior. Read more in the Brown University press release.

Morality of the NY Post Subway Photo - Prof. Fiery Cushman

A freelance photographer happened to be on the scene in New York when one man pushed another onto the subway tracks. The New York Post ultimately ran a photo on its front page, sparking widespread outrage. Based on his research, CLPS psychologist Fiery Cushman suggests that what makes people uncomfortable about the photo may be the idea of profiting from tragedy. Read more in the Brown University press release.

Erin Conwell (Ph.D. 2009) and Prof. Jim Morgan recipients of 2012 Peter Jusczyk Award

The Society for Language Development has awarded this year's Peter Jusczyk Best Paper Award to Prof. James L. Morgan and Erin Cornwell, CLPS Ph.D. 2009, for their paper “Is It a Noun or Is It a Verb? Resolving the Ambicategoricality Problem”. This honor is awarded annually by the editors of Language Learning and Development to the best paper published in the journal each year, with preference given to papers whose first authors are five years or less past their Ph.D. This paper appeared in issue 8/2, pp. 87–112.