New Book from Prof. Pauline Jacobson: Compositional Semantics - An Introduction to the Syntax/Semantics Interface

Compositional Semantics: An Introduction to the Syntax/Semantics Interface  by Pauline Jacobson has been published by the Oxford University Press. Professor Jacobson's book provides a ground-up introduction to formal semantics for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in linguistics, philosophy and other related fields, and can also be  read by scholars in fields closely related to linguistics in order to gain an understanding of the fundamentals and breadth of natural language formal semantics. The book adopts the approach of Direct Compositionally, according to which the syntax and semantics of natural languages work together and which has formed  the basis of the author's research program for three decades. Alongside this, the book presents a more mainstream competing view making use of an intermediate level of Logical Form and compares the two with respect to a rich domain of empirical phenomena. The author's own research on direct compositionality and 'variable-free semantics' is woven into the text throughout,  and the work highlights and integrates this research into a coherent framework for analyzing syntax and semantics.  

Read more about this new title at the Oxford University Press site.