Full Department Directory A-Z

Name Title Email Office Phone
Aladia, Salomi Laboratory Manager Salomi_Aladia@brown.edu
Amit, Elinor Assistant Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences (Research) Elinor_Amit@brown.edu Metcalf 202 (401) 863-2105
Amso, Dima Associate Professor Dima_Amso@brown.edu Metcalf 239 (401) 863-7652
AnderBois, Scott Assistant Professor Scott_AnderBois@brown.edu Metcalf 243 (401) 863-1857
Anderson, James Professor James_Anderson@brown.edu Metcalf 236 (401) 863-2195
Andrews, Nicole Administrative Assistant Nicole_Andrews@brown.edu Metcalf 138 (401) 863-2727
Badre, David Associate Professor David_Badre@brown.edu Metcalf 341 (401) 863-9563
Bai, Jiuyang Graduate Student Jiuyang_Bai@brown.edu
Barchi, Michele Student Affairs Coordinator Michele_Barchi@brown.edu Metcalf 139 (401) 863-3921
Barnes-Diana, Tyler Graduate Student Tyler_Barnes-Diana@brown.edu
Bath, Kevin Assistant Professor Kevin_Bath@brown.edu Metcalf 353 (401) 863-3147
Baxter, Brittany Graduate Student Brittany_Baxter@brown.edu Metcalf 403
Bhandari, Apoorva Postdoctoral Research Associate Apoorva_Bhandari@brown.edu
Blough, Donald Professor Emeritus Donald_Blough@brown.edu Metcalf 340 (401) 935-1333
Blumstein, Sheila Albert D. Mead Professor Sheila_Blumstein@brown.edu Metcalf 235 (401) 863-2849
Burwell, Rebecca Professor Rebecca_Burwell@brown.edu Metcalf 337 (401) 863-9208
Carskadon, Mary Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior Mary_Carskadon@brown.edu Sleep Lab/Butler (401) 421-9440
Cesanek, Evan Graduate Student Evan_Cesanek@brown.edu
Church, Russell Professor Russell_Church@brown.edu Metcalf 245 (401) 863-2328
Cohen Priva, Uriel Assistant Professor Uriel_Cohen_Priva@brown.edu Metcalf 251 (401) 863-6089
Colwill, Ruth Professor Ruth_Colwill@brown.edu Metcalf 232 (401) 863-2547
Coutu, Jesse Systems Administrator Jesse_Coutu@brown.edu Metcalf 143 (401) 863-7667
Dachner, Gregory Graduate Student Gregory_Dachner@brown.edu
de Graaf, Maartje Postdoctoral Research Associate maartje_de_graaf@brown.edu
Deng, Ailin Graduate Student Ailin_Deng@brown.edu
Domini, Fulvio Professor Fulvio_Domini@brown.edu Metcalf 237
Emet, Stephen Graduate Student Stephen_Emet@brown.edu
Farovik, Anja Investigator Anja_Farovik@brown.edu
Feiman, Roman Assistant Professor roman_feiman@brown.edu Metcalf 241
FeldmanHall, Oriel Assistant Professor oriel_feldmanhall@brown.edu Metcalf 349 (401) 863-5235
Festa, Elena Lecturer Elena_Festa@brown.edu Metcalf 339 (401) 863-3935
Finiasz, Zoe Lab Manager zoe_finiasz@brown.edu
Frank, Michael Professor Michael_Frank@brown.edu Metcalf 335 (401) 863-6872
Frank, Sebastian Postdoctoral Research Associate sebastian_frank@brown.edu
Franklin, Lauren Graduate Student Lauren_Franklin@brown.edu
Franklin, Nicholas Graduate Student Nicholas_Franklin@brown.edu
Fromer, Romy Postdoctoral Research Associate Romy_Fromer@brown.edu
Gallo, Meghan Graduate Student Meghan_Gallo1@brown.edu
Gamble, Christine Graduate Student Christine_Gamble@brown.edu
Geana, Andra Postdoctoral Research Associate Andra_Geana@brown.edu
Gleason, Emily Research Assistant emily_gleason@brown.edu
Gu, Yiming Graduate Student Yiming_Gu@brown.edu
Gularte, Louis Graduate Student Louis_Dularte@brown.edu
Guo, Jianfei Graduate Student Jianfei_Guo@brown.edu
Gupta, Pankaj Kumar Research Assistant Pankaj_Kumar_Gupta@brown.edu
Hayden, Brian Adjunct Professor Brian_Hayden@brown.edu Metcalf 351
(401) 863-2579
(401) 863-1300
Heffner, Joseph Graduate Student Joseph_Heffner@brown.edu
Heindel, William Professor & Chair William_Heindel@brown.edu Metcalf 345 (401) 863-9715
Hemmatian Borujeni, Babak Graduate Student Babak_Hemmatian@brown.edu
Herz, Rachel Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior Rachel_Herz@brown.edu Metcalf 338 (401) 863-9576
Ho, Mark Graduate Student Mark_Ho@brown.edu
Hwang, Eunkyu Graduate Student Eunkyu_Hwang@brown.edu
Jacobson, Pauline Professor Pauline_Jacobson@brown.edu Metcalf 247 (401) 863-3037
Jacobson, Tara Investigator Tara_Jacobson@brown.edu
Jones, Ferdinand Professor Emeritus Ferdinand_Jones@brown.edu Metcalf 338 (401) 863-7586
Kim, Boyoung Graduate Student Boyoung_Kim_1@brown.edu
Kim, Junkyung Graduate Student Junkyung_Kim@brown.edu
Kling, Julius W. Professor Emeritus Julius_Kling@brown.edu
Krueger, Joachim Professor Joachim_Krueger@brown.edu Metcalf 347 (401) 863-2503
Lai, Yun-Hsuan Graduate Student Yun-Hsuan_Lai@brown.edu
Lee, Junwen Graduate Student Junwen_Lee@brown.edu
Levin, Emily Graduate Student Emily_Levin@brown.edu
Lieberman, Philip George Hazard Crooker University Professor, Emeritus Philip_Lieberman@brown.edu Metcalf 243 (401) 863-1857
Linsley, Drew Postdoctoral Research Associate Drew_Linsley@brown.edu
Lipsitt, Lewis Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Medical Science, and Human Development Lewis_Lipsitt@brown.edu Metcalf 340 (401) 863-2332
Lositsky, Olga Postdoctoral Research Associate olga_lositsky@brown.edu
Lu, Youtao Graduate Student Youtao_Lu@brown.edu
Luchkina, Elena Graduate Student Elena_Luchkina@brown.edu
Lynn, Andrew Graduate Student Andrew_Lynn@brown.edu
Mahaphanit, Wasita Research Laboratory Manager wasita@brown.edu (401) 863-6871
Malle, Bertram Professor Bertram_Malle@brown.edu Metcalf 357 (401) 863-6820
McCarthy, Dan Postdoctoral Research Associate Dan_McCarthy@brown.edu Metcalf 240 (401) 863-5171
Miller, Ryan Graduate Students Ryan_M_Miller@brown.edu
Moniz, Rosa Financial Coordinator Rosa_Lopes_Moniz@brown.edu Metcalf 136 (401) 863-2616
Morgan, Jim Professor James_Morgan@brown.edu Metcalf 233 (401) 863-2462
Nassar, Matthew Postdoctoral Research Associate Matthew_Nassar@brown.edu
Norton, Akiko Research Assistant Akiko_Norton@brown.edu
Peng, Xiangyuan Graduate Student Xiangyuan_Peng@brown.edu
Phillips, Beth Postdoctoral Research Associate Elizabeth_Phillips1@brown.edu (401) 863-2105
Placido, Diego Lab Manager/Research Assistant diego_placido@brown.edu (401) 863-7668
Poeta, Devon Research Assistant Devon_Poeta@brown.edu Hunter 367 (401) 863-9209
Ricci, Matthew Graduate Student Matthew_Ricci_1@brown.edu
Ritz, Harrison Graduate Student Harrison_Ritz@brown.edu
Rolfe, Lori Senior Research Technician Lori_Rolfe@brown.edu Metcalf 151
(401) 863-2608
(401) 863-2377 (Lab)
Ross, Michelle Administrative Coordinator Michelle_Ross@brown.edu Metcalf 135 (401) 863-2284
Sailamul, Pachaya Graduate Student Pachaya_Sailamul@brown.edu
Sanker, Chelsea Visiting Assistant Professor Chelsea_Sanker@brown.edu Metcalf 249 401-863-5190
Sasaki, Yuka Associate Professor (Research) Yuka_Sasaki@brown.edu Metcalf 255 (401) 863-5379
Sayali, Ceyda Graduate Student Ceyda_Sayali@brown.edu
Scott, Daniel Graduate Student Daniel_Scott@brown.edu
Serre, Thomas Associate Professor Thomas_Serre@brown.edu Metcalf 343 (401) 863-1148
Sharma, Tarun Research Assistant tarun_sharma1@brown.edu
Shenhav, Amitai Assistant Professor amitai_shenhav@brown.edu Metcalf 334 401-863-5198
Simmons, Andrea Professor Andrea_Simmons@brown.edu Metcalf 356 (401) 863-2283
Sloman, Steven Professor Steven_Sloman@brown.edu Metcalf 333 (401) 863-7595
Sobel, Dave Professor Dave_Sobel@brown.edu Metcalf 238 (401) 863-3038
Son, Jae-Young Research Laboratory Manager Jae-Young_Son@brown.edu
Song, Joo-Hyun Assistant Professor Joo-Hyun_Song@brown.edu Metcalf 234 (401) 863-7666
Sousa, Reinette Academic Department Manager Reinette_Sousa@brown.edu Metcalf 134 (401) 863-2702
Spiro, Adriane Research Assistant Adriane_Spiro@brown.edu Metcalf 321 (401) 863-1544
Spoehr, Kathryn Professor Kathryn_Spoehr@brown.edu Metcalf 256 (401) 863-2693
Squadrito, Patricia Administrative Manager Patricia_Squadrito@brown.edu Metcalf 138 (401) 863-2105
Sun, Hsin-Mei Postdoctoral Research Associate Hsin-Mei_Sun@brown.edu
Swallow, Michele Manager, Research Administration & Finance Michele_Swallow@brown.edu Metcalf 137 (401) 863-5069
Tamaki, Masako Assistant Professor (Research) Masako_Tamaki@brown.edu
Tan, Qingleng Graduate Student Qingleng_Tan@brown.edu
Tella, Nicole Grants and Financial Coordinator Nicole_Tella@brown.edu Metcalf 136 (401) 863-6024
Tummeltshammer, Kristen Postdoctoral Research Associate Kristen_Tummeltshammer@brown.edu
Ullman, Daniel Graduate Student Daniel_Ullman@brown.edu
van' t Wout, Mascha Research Mascha_vant_Wout@brown.edu Metcalf 154 (401) 863-6489
Veerabadran, Vijay Research Assistant vijay_veerabadran@brown.edu
Wang, Shu Lai Postdoctoral Research Associate shulai_wang@brown.edu
Wang, Zhiyan Graduate Student Zhiyan_Wang@brown.edu
Warren, William Chancellor's Professor Bill_Warren@brown.edu Metcalf 257 (401) 863-3980
Watanabe, Takeo The Fred M. Seed Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences Takeo_Watanabe@brown.edu Metcalf 253 (401) 863-6916
Welch, Leslie Associate Professor Leslie_Welch@brown.edu Metcalf 336 (401) 863-3294
Werchan, Denise Graduate Student Denise_Werchan@brown.edu
Wilmott, James Graduate Student James_Wilmott@brown.edu
Wirth, Trenton Graduate Student Trenton_Wirth@brown.edu
Wright, Jack Associate Professor Jack_Wright@brown.edu Metcalf 355 (401) 863-3974
Xu, Ran Graduate Student Ran_Xu@brown.edu
Yang, Shiying Graduate Student Shiying_Yang@brown.edu
Zhang, Jun Postdoctoral Research Associate jun_zhang@brown.edu
Zhao, Xuan Graduate Student Xuan_Zhao@brown.edu