Hugo Bruggeman

Assistant Professor (Research)
(401) 863-1359
Office Location: 
Metcalf 353

2004 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Dept. of Psychology, University of Minnesota, USA. 

I study “how we see how to do things”, such as, how we see how to walk to a goal, and how to throw a ball at a target, and how to use a tool to reach for an object to grasp it. My research goal is to better understand the role of perception and cognition in regulating movement and action. Three interests form the main drive of my studies. I want to better understand:

  1. The use of “visual strategies” in guiding and calibrating movement and action,
  2. How movements and action are organized that enables us to achieve our goals even when we have to perform an action in a new way or under unfamiliar conditions; and
  3. The processes involved in perceiving the spatial structure of our surroundings.