Kathryn Kalafut

Graduate Student
Office Location: 
Metcalf 404

Katie received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University where she conducted research on the effects of enrichment on captive animal behavior at the Indianapolis Zoo. Katie then moved to the University of North Texas where she received her Masters of Science in behavior analysis under the supervision of Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz. Her research at UNT included investigating how changes in the method of conditioning a stimulus alters its effects on behavior. Her master’s thesis included creating a systematic method to continually evaluate captive animal welfare at the Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, Texas.

Here at Brown, Katie is working with Dr. Russell Church on multiple projects including comparing discrete and continuous stimuli as sources of context and developing a methodology for examining the speed/accuracy trade-off in rats. Katie is currently working on her dissertation, which focuses on developing the combination rule used by humans and animals to combine information obtained from multiple environmental sources.