CLPS Labs and Researchers

Lab & Research Pages Principal Investigator Research Focus
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (DCNL) Dima Amso Cognitive developmental neuroscience of attention and memory
Scott AnderBois' Homepage Scott AnderBois Semantics, pragmatics, linguistic fieldwork, and language documentation
The Ersatz Brain Project James Anderson  
Badre Lab David Badre Cognitive neuroscience of memory & cognitive control
Bath Lab Kevin Bath  
Brown Speech Lab Sheila Blumstein Delineating the neural basis of language and the processes and mechanisms involved in speaking and understanding
Burwell Laboratory of Memory & Attention Rebecca Burwell The neural bases of memory and attention
Sleep Research Lab Mary A. Carskadon Associations between the circadian timing system and sleep/wake patterns of children and adolescents 
Timing Lab Russell M. Church  
Co*P{Lab} Uriel Cohen-Priva Cognitive, computational and constraints on Phonology
Prof. Colwill's Brown Research Profile Ruth Colwill  
3D Information for Perception and Action Lab Fulvio Domini  
FeldmanHall Lab Oriel FeldmanHall Social & affective neuroscience
Aging & Cognition Lab Elena Festa
William Heindel
Aging and cognition
Laboratory of Neural Computation and Cognition Michael Frank Computational cognitive neuroscience of learning, decision making and cognitive control 
Prof. Jacobson's Brown Research Profile Pauline Jacobson  
Prof. Krueger's Brown Research Profile Joachim Krueger  
Social Cognitive Science Research Center Bertram F. Malle Social cognition, especially the capacity to recognize intentional actions, make inferences about others' mental states, explain behavior, and morally evaluate it 
Metcalf Infant Research Lab James Morgan Early language learning, focusing on development of skills for spoken word recognition and their contributions to other aspects of language acquisition
Serre Lab Thomas Serre Understanding the brain mechanisms underlying the recognition of objects and complex visual scenes
Shenhav Lab Amitai Shenhav Neuroscience of decision making, affect, and cognitive control
Simmons Lab Andrea Simmons  
Sloman Lab Steven Sloman  
Causality and Mind Lab Dave Sobel Cognitive development, focused on the development of causal reasoning, theory of mind, and children's pretending and learning
Perception, Action & Cognition Lab Joo-Hyun Song Behavioral and neural mechanisms integrating higher-order cognitive processes with visually-guided actions
Prof. Spoehr's Homepage Kathryn Spoehr
Virtual Environment Navigation Lab (VEN Lab) William H. Warren Perception and action, with an emphasis on the visual control of locomotion and navigation
Laboratory for Cognitive and Perceptual Learning Takeo Watanabe The study of visionvision, including psychophysics, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and computational modeling
Prof. Welch's Brown Research Profile Leslie Welch