Center for Biomedical Ethics

Concentration in Biomedical Ethics Requirements

10 courses total

1 chosen from:
Philosophy 50
Philosophy 164
The Nature of Morality
Moral Philosophy
1 chosen from:
Religious Studies 125
Religious Studies 137
Moral Theories
(=138) Religion and Morality
(05) Christianity, Ethics, & Politics
2 courses:
e.g. Biology 20 The Foundation of Living Systems
2 courses chosen from:
Bioethics 150
Bioethics 151
Bioethics 155
Religious Studies
Topics in Bioethics
(can be taken more than once,
since topics change)
Ethical Issues in Pediatric Medicine
Theological Foundations of Bioethics
Related courses in Humanities, Social Sciences and non-biological Sciences, with the approval of the concentration advisor.


  • B+ or better average in Bioethics.
  • Thesis of A quality.
  • One or two semesters of Bioethics 191, 192 beyond the 10 required for the concentration.
Concentration advisor: Professor Jeffrey Poland,