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Lynne Andreozzi Fontaine, Ph.D.

Dr. Andreozzi Fontaine is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Community College of Rhode Island.  Dr. Andreozzi Fontaine has been involved through research and clinical intervention in working with families affected by perinatal substance abuse.  Dr. Andreozzi Fontaine’s research involves study of the efficacy of the  Vulnerable Infants Program of Rhode Island (VIP-RI).  VIP-RI is a demonstration project designed to improve the community’s ability to manage cases of drug-exposed children at risk for compromised development and to provide the earliest and best intervention for vulnerable infants.  Dr. Andreozzi Fontaine is also the coordinator of the NICU Network Neurobehavioral Scale (NNNS) Training Program.  She utilizes the NNNS for clinical, research, and teaching purposes, specifically in consultation with newborn nurseries and through the Vulnerable Infants Program (VIP-RI).  She is certified to train others on the proper Academic Administration: (, scoring, and interpretation of the NNNS.  Her additional clinical work at the center encompasses the assessment of infants and young children, and behavioral consultation with area professionals and caregivers.  Her current research interests include attachment and substance exposed infants.

Selected Publications

  • Andreozzi, L., Flanagan, P., Seifer, R., Brunner, S., & Lester, B. Attachment classifications among 18-month-old children of adolescent mothers.  Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 2002, (156), 20-26.
  • Lester, B., Andreozzi, L., & Appiah, L. Substance Use During Pregnancy: Time For Policy To Catch Up With Research.  Harm Reduction Journal, 2004; 1:5.