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Linda LaGasse, PhD - Director, Research

Dr. LaGasse is an Associate Professor (Research) in the Department of Pediatrics and the Director of Research of the Brown Center for the Study of Infants at Risk . Dr. LaGasse’s primary research area is the effects of prenatal exposure to drugs of abuse on development including early infant cry, cognitive-motor processes like goal directed reaching, later behavior problems and psychopathology as well as obesity in preadolescents. She has been studying children who are part of the multi-site, NIH Maternal Lifestyle Study (MLS), a longitudinal study of 1000 children prenatally exposed to cocaine. The MLS children are now adolescents and current work focuses on the etiology of poor behavioral and health outcomes, including predictors of obesity (MLS children exceed the national average for obesity), and pathways to antisocial behavior and early substance use. Dr. LaGasse is also studying children who are part of the multi-site NIH Infant Development, Environment, and Lifestyle Study (IDEAL), a longitudinal study of 400 children prenatally exposed to methamphetamine during pregnancy. In addition, Dr. LaGasse has established a companion international study in New Zealand extending her work on prenatal methamphetamine exposure and child outcome. which is the first cross-cultural study of prenatal drug exposure on development. Additionally, Dr. LaGasse is the scientific administrator for the MLS and IDEAL studies, which includes protocol development and implementation, oversight of site adherence to protocol, and oversight of the Neurobehavioral Data Center that conducts data reduction and analysis.

Selected Publications

  • LaGasse, L. L., Wouldes, T., Newman, E., Smith L.M., Shah, R.Z., Derauf C., Huestis, M.A., Arria, A.M., DellaGrotta S., Wilcox, T., Lester B. M. Prenatal methamphetamine exposure and neonatal neurobehavioral outcome in the USA and New Zealand. Neurotoxicology and Teratology (in press).
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  • Lester, B.M., LaGasse, L.L., Shankaran, S., Bada, H.S., Bauer, C.R., Lin, R., Das, A., Higgins, R. Prenatal cocaine exposure related to cortisol stress reactivity in 11-year-old children. Journal of Pediatrics 2010;175(2):288-295.
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