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Maternal Depression

Screening for Depression at Developmental Follow-Up Visits in Mothers of Preterm Infants

This study screens for maternal depression at infant follow-up visits to determine whether mothers of children born prematurely experience ongoing depressive symptoms following their infants discharge.  The focus of the study is to provide pilot data for a larger parenting intervention grant designed to support mothers of preterm infants who are experiencing postpartum depression.  Under the larger parenting intervention grant, parents will be instructed in specific strategies shown to be beneficial to the development of preterm infants’ social regulation skills.  Parents in the intervention group would also be provided with supports related to their depressive symptoms.  This work is being done in collaboration with Dr. Betty Vohr, Director of the Neonatal Follow-up program at Women & Infants Hospital.  For more information contact: Cynthia Loncar, at

F.I.R.S.T. Study – Fetal and Infant Response to SRI Treatment

Approximately 600,000 infants born each year are exposed to maternal depression. At least 30% of those infants will also be exposed to psychotropic medication. Fetal exposure during pregnancy to maternal depression and the medications to treat the disorder have been associated with neurobehavioral differences in infants. It has been suggested that these differences are transient and it is not known if they are related to the mother’s depression or the medication used to treat the depression. F.I.R.S.T. is studying the clinical course of newborns’ symptoms directly after birth and for the infants’ first 30 days after birth. Fetal neurobehavior measures are obtained by ultrasound and fetal heart rate evaluation at 28-30 and 32-34 weeks gestational age. After delivery, we observe the infants motor patterns, reflexes, behavior, sleep, and attention. For more information, contact Dawn Rosario at 401-274-1122 ext. 8956 or