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2013 Economics Honors Student Theses


Anthony Bakshi, "Performance Variation amoung Major League Baseball Closers: Field Evidence of Situational Pressure Effects"


Alexander Bell, "An Autopsy on Submarine Patents: A Window into Expectations of the World Technological Frontier"


Koushiki Bose, "The Lottery as an Occupancy Process: Large-Deviations Approximations
and Importance Sampling"


Chishio Furukawa, "Health and Safety Benefits of Replacing Kerosene Candles with Solar Lamps: Evidence from Uganda"


Lucas Husted, "The Price of Cannabis: An Analysis of How Decriminalization and Federal
Enforcement Affect the Price of Marijuana"


Louise Ireland, "Caveat Venditor: A Perspective on the Jumpstart our Business Startups Act
and the Value of Security Regulation"


Desmond Jung, "Becoming Too Big to Fail: Determinants of Congressional Voting on the
Gramm-Leach-Biley Financial Services Modernization Act"


Wookun Kim, "Will Pronatalist Policy Work? The Case of South Korea"


Christine Lai, "The Impact of Voter Identification Laws on Voter Participation"


Qiaohan Li, "Rebalancing Growth in China: Cross-Province Evidence"


Ruizhen Liu, "Credit Card Asset-Backed Securities and Their Impact on U.S. Household
Financial Stability"


W. Austen Mack-Crane, "Management of a Cooperative Fishery with Cyclic Environmental Shocks"


Daniel Prinz, "Strategic Voting, Mixed and Runoff Elections: Evidence from Hungary"


Benjamin Tietze, "Has Social Media Changed Communication? An Examination of the Impact
of Communication Technology Advances on Box Office Word-of-Mouth Communication"


Neil Thakral, "Matching with Stochastic Arrival"


Rokan Thakur, "Effects of Exposition and Explanation on Decision Making"


Harrison Tross, "Analysis of the Effect of Connectivity on Decisions in Heterogeneous
Social Networks Characterized by Imperfect Information"


Lixian Wang, "Evaluating Prospects of Internationalization of Chinese RMB"


Zuhal Yildirim, "Assessing the Effect of Education on Income and Fertility in China"


Chi Zhang, "Public Goods Game with Group Competition"


Shaopeng Zhang, "Economic Growth across Provinces in China from 1978-2010"



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