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Spring 2018 Schedule
Professor Matthew Turner
Department of Economics
Brown University
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    The following schedule describes the material to be covered during the term. You should check this schedule at least weekly for updates and changes.

    Topic Reading Problems Solutions
    1. The simple linear city
    Required: PS #0
    2. The monocentric city with housing
    Required: Recommended: Extensions: PS #1 Due Jan. 31
    3. Monocentric city, some extensions
    Required: How to write a Referee report
    Paper for Referee report #1, due Feb 12
    4. Agglomeration and urban form: Required: Recommended:
    5. Spatial Equilibrium/Hedonics: Required: Recommended: PS #2 Due Feb. 19
    6. Spatial equilibrium in a city with discrete space: Required: Recommended: Paper for Referee report #2, due March 12
    7. Systems of Cities: Required: Extensions: PS #3 Due March 21
    8. Theoretical Foundations for Agglomeration Economies: Required: Recommended: Extensions:
    9. Empirical Evidence for Agglomeration Economies: Required: Recommended:
    10. NEG and Migration: Required: Extensions:
    11. Transportation: Required: Extensions:
    12. Emprical approaches to systems of cities: Required: Recommended:
    0. Amenities: Required: Recommended:
    11. Cities in space: Required: Recommended:
    12. Topics:
    • Energy/CO2 and cities
    • Place based policies
    • Transportation
    • Land use and regulation
    • Development and cities