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Applied Microeconomics
Economic Theory
Conoco-Phillips International Economics Seminar

Citibank Workshop in Macroeconomics

Wednesdays, 4:00 pm-5:30 pm, Robinson Hall 301. Organized by Joaquin Blaum & Gauti Eggertsson.

February 13, 2014
“Housing Collateral and Entrepreneurship”
David Sraer (Princeton University)

February 19, 2014
"Railroads and American Economic Growth: A `Market Access` Approach"
Richard Hornbeck (Harvard University)

February 26, 2014
"Language Policy and Economic Development"
David Laitin (Stanford University)

March 5, 2014
“Does Religion Affect Economic Growth and Happiness? Evidence from Ramadan”
Filipe Campante (Havard Kennedy School)

March 12, 2014
"The Wealthy Hand-to-Mouth"
Gianluca Violante (New York University)

March 19, 2014
"Reallocation in the Great Recession: Cleansing or Not?"
John Haltiwanger (University of Maryland)

April 2, 2014
"Land Reform and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis with Micro Data"
Diego Restuccia (University of Toronto)

April 9, 2014
"The Cyclicality of the Opportunity Cost of Employment"
Loukas Karabarbounis (Chicago Booth School of Business)

April 16, 2014
Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Brazil.
Jacopo Ponticelli (Chicago Booth)

April 23, 2014
``Swords into Bank Shares: Financial Solutions to the Political Economy Challenges of Development.``
Saumitra Jha (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Background Paper

April 30, 2014
Nico Voigtlaender (UCLA Anderson School)

April 30, 2014
"Democracy Does Cause Growth"
Suresh Naidu (Columbia University)

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