economics at Brown University
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A.B. degree in Applied Math-Economics, Mathematical Finance Track

Prerequisites: MATH 0100, 0520.

Course Requirements:


  1. APMA 0350 and 0360 (APMA 0330 and 0340 may be substituted with advisor approval). One course from APMA 0160, CSCI 0040, CSCI 0150, or CSCI 0170 (the first two courses are preferred, being less tailored to computer science students). APMA 1200. APMA 1650.
  2. One course from APMA 1180, 1330, 1660, 1670, 1680, 1690, 1700, 1720, 1740 MATH 1010. (APMA 1720 is most preferred in this list.)


ECON 1130 (or 1110 with permission), 1210, 1630; plus three (beginning with the class of 2016, four) other 1000-level economics courses. Of the three (four) courses, two must be chosen from the “financial economics” group, one from the "mathematical economics" group (and, for the class of 2016 and beyond, one from the “data methods” group). No course may be used to simultaneously satisfy the "financial economics", and the "mathematical economics", or "data methods" requirements.