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Peer Advisors

Upper class economics concentrators serve as peer advisors to underclassmen. Peer advisors provide information that can be helpful for course selection, concentration choice (econ vs. applied math econ vs math econ vs. CS econ), internships, RAing, TAing, graduate school, study abroad, etc.

Below is a list of peer advisors and a short description of their areas of interest, contact information, and office hours. We suggest you select a peer advisor with listed interests in line with your own and contact them directly with any questions. Peer advisors will also host events during shopping period and before concentration declarations are due. See Events Calendar for when these will be scheduled.

Name: Patrick Cox
Hometown: Lebanon, Kentucky
Class: Senior (2014)
Concentration: Mathematics-Economics
Also familiar with: Ancient Western Asian Studies Concentrator, TA for Econ 0110
Academic Interests: Econometrics, Applied Research, Experiments and Game Theory
Name: Yunan Ji
Hometown: Taiyuan, China
Class: Senior (2014)
Concentration: Mathematics-Economics
Also familiar with: RA, TA, Independent Research, Group and Individual Tutoring
Academic Interests: Economic Growth, Applied Microeconomics
Name: Stephanie Hennings
Hometown: Rye Brook, NY
Class: Junior (2015)
Concentration: Economics
Also familiar with: International Relations, TA for Intermediate Microeconomics, RA for the Watson Institute, summer internship at Spring Mountain Capital, E-Board of Brown Investment Group
Academic Interests: Microeconomics, finance, art history
Name: MC Barrett
Hometown: Ithaca, NY
Class: Senior (2014)
Concentration: Economics
Also familiar with: Summer RA for two years for Ken Chay, working on a labor/health paper looking at Medicare, tutored Intermediate Microeconomics and Econometrics
Academic Interests: Health Economics, Economics of Education, Data Analysis
Name: Serena Alwani
Hometown: Singapore
Class: Senior (2014)
Concentration: Anthropology and Economics
Also familiar with: International Relations, Political Science and Archaeology concentrations. Have done internships in education, worked on an archaeological research project and served in the Singaporean Embassy in Paris. Most professional and collegiate experience has been with program development and event management. I am a peer leader and coordinator for the International Mentoring Program, and worked on the conference team for the Collegiate Consulting Group. This past summer I worked on a research project with Professor Putterman.
Academic Interests: Behavioral Economics, Business Economics, Financial Markets, independent academic work has centered on the confluence between Economics and Anthropology, i.e. Economic Organization and Systems, and understanding systems of value and resource allocation in a holistic and social way.
Name: Vittoriano Di Vaio
Hometown: Rome, Italy
Class: Senior (2014)
Concentration: Economics
Also familiar with: Principles of Economics (TA), Political Science
Academic Interests: International Political Economy