Feedback Quiz: EN123: in-class: Dec 3, 2008

I have used Simulink to generate the feedback system diagram below: IN(s) is the input, OUT(s) is the output. The circles with the + / - signs are SUMMATION blocks.

In terms of the Laplace transform the answer is OUT(s) = T(s)*IN(s), where T(s) is the transfer function of the overall system.

Your question: What is T(s)? You must include some work of your derivation.

Your answer will be in the form of a ratio, numer/denom, where denom is denom(s) and will be a polynomial of s. The "best" answer will have 2 for the numerator, and a polynomial in s for denominator, with integer coeffients of powers of s.

This quiz is being given in class and you have a 35 minute time limit. You are not allowed to collaborate with your classmates or teammates. But you can use any notes you like. During the quiz you can go off and log onto the Internet, or use Matlab/Simulink if you think that will help.

name________________________________           answer______________________________________

Your quiz will be graded by the next class meeting, and results will be announced by email.
If you solve for the correct answer, your scorecard will be signed;
if not, wait for the next feedback quiz, which will be handled on an individual basis...
In case you did everything right expect for a calculation mistake (such as a sign error) show your work on this test page.