EN123 Guaranteed Lab Appearance Times & Secondary Lab Reservations (updated Oct 4, 2012)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-10:50 lecture prep

rm 157 lecture
Sept: Circuits review 096



room 157 10a.m.

Sept: Circuits review



room 157 10a.m.


TA Mia

TA: Derek 9-noon TA Mia TA: Derek 9-noon 11:05: team MV GAT
noon JD swims laps TA Mia, Derek JD swims laps TA Mia, Derek
Neuro Journal Club 450 SFH
1pm TAs: David, Orlen

TAs: David, Orlen
TAs: David, Orlen
JD swims laps
1:30       Pi-rats GAT  
2pm David+Orlen:

2:30       Get Sweaty GAT TA Mia
3 Turtles: GAT   EmJamSit: GAT    
3:30 Epic Fail: GAT  


4 4:30: OhmIGod Transformers: GAT

5pm TAs: Jacob + Naubahar 6-8pm TA: Raza 6-9pm TAs: Naubahar +Jacob : 6-8pm TA: Raza 6-9pm not a good time to begin troubleshooting...

Grey TA, in the Lab

The Guarantee. For the times listed above in amber each student (in the teams named) guarantees to be present from that time for at least 15 minutes, starting in room 095. If I (JDD) have not shown up by 5 min, the student is free to leave. In some cases, if I'm running late, or am in room 222A or Arnold Lab B-20, I may check in by phone... x 3-9852: please answer! However, I will make every effort to meet with the students at their GAT (Guaranteed Appearance Time).

If I fail to show up within 5 minutes of your GAT to rooms 095 or 097, then you are entitled to a Get Out of FTQ Free card, that you can use at any point in the future, to skip the FTQ in qualifying for a Lab. If I show up in the first 5 minutes and you are not there, then I may leave and come back. The official time to the nearest second will be kept by the clock on the back wall in 095. You must ASK for your GOOFTQF card if you have qualified. One day statute of limitations.

For their times listed, and for 1 hour thereafter, those student teams have priority for my attention. If a student is not present within 15 minutes of his or her guaranteed time, an effort may be made to contact the student ASAP. May I have your cell phone number?

Secondary Lab Reservations. Students should feel free to come to the lab at other times, keeping in mind that those with guaranteed times have priority. In fact, it would be good if each team chose, beyond their guaranteed appearance time, two more 2-hour slots during the M-F 11a.m.-5pm times. With 7 setups in rm's 095-097, there are a potential of 7SU *5DA * 5HR= 175 lab-hours to accommodate 14*8 = 120 team-hours per week.

Lab Etiquette: When you finish, leave your work area as clean/organized as you found it... Please move all wire, small mechanical parts, resistors, chips, tools, solder etc to "hampers" on the black countertops. At the end of the day I want computers in Sleep or Standby mode... If you are the last to leave after 7pm kick the doorstop out of the way and close the door.

TEAMS forming... (select one or two greek letters or military alphabet letters or color(s) or use a rose name or for your team name...please don't use SPED or SWIFT as your team name... )
special education soldier wanting in flight training

BYOCK: Bam, Khoi
Get Sweaty: Donald, Mary Lou, Josh
Peaceful Resistors: Kyle, Natalie, Kate
ΩIGod Joo Yeon, Erica, Catherine
Turtles Kohana, Saloni
Transformers Justin, Luke T
Max, Luke H.
π rats Courtney, Julia, Cedric
Emergent Jam Situation= James B, Seth, Emily
MV: Morgan, Vedika
Epic Fail: Carl, James P.