Outline, Goals and Objectives



1. Introduction
2. Analysis of trusses
    2.1 Matrix methods
    2.2 Energy methods
3. Frames
    3.1 Beam theory
    3.2 Matrix analsys
    3.3 Finite element analysis
4. Arches and Cable structures
5. Structural Dynamics
    5.1 Free vibrations of single and multi degree of freedom structures
    5.2 Forced vibrations of single and multi degree of freedom structures
    5.3 Vibrations of continuous systems (beams)



The goal of the course is to enable you to analyze and design relatively complex structures by creating apporpriate mathematical idealizations, and studying these using various solid mechanics concepts, most notably  ienergy methods. The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. To have a good understanding of  origin and  solution of the equations governing the behavior of beams, trusses
  2. To develop the  physical intuition necessary to idealize a complicated structure and set up appropriate mathematical problems.
  3. To have an arsenal of  mathematical and computational tools to solve these problems.
  4. To have the ability to extract and interpret meaningful information from these solutions