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Welcome to Brown Engineering, and ENGN0030!

  • Attached is organizational information for the class. This was also handed out on day one.

**Students interested in the advanced section (and who don't have a 4 or 5 on the physics AP from high school) should take the following online quiz: You must be on the vpn or on campus to access the quiz, the quiz can only be taken once per student, and it should be completed by the end of the first week of classes.

*Here are a few informational sheets that will prove useful in this class, and in your time at Brown:

*In this course, you will be using MATLAB R2012a version. Instructions for creating a Mathworks account (needed to download the latest version of MATLAB) can be found at: Please note that you will likely not receive an email from Mathworks telling you that your account is ready, despite the fact that they say you will! Check back in your Mathworks account after about 2-3 days….. 

*You will also be using the Excel solver. If you have Excel installed on your laptop you need to make sure the Solver is also installed. If you have a laptop running Windows, install the Solver by clicking on the Windows icon in the top left corner of your Excel window and then selecting “Excel Options”. Select “Add-Ins” from the left menu bar and find the “Solver Add-In” under the list of Inactive Application Add-Ins. Click “Go” on the bottom of the screen and check the box for “Solver Add-In”. This procedure might be slightly different on older versions of Excel. If you have a Mac, you will need to install the Solver as a separate program. You can download the program from

*Minc.m can be downloaded here. You should put this file in your Matlab working folder. The default working folder is Documents/MATLAB within your home directory. Note that you can also change your working folder from within Matlab - the working folder is shown and can be modified on the top of the Matlab window.

*A vector self-study for the class can be found here.

*The first exam will cover the basics of vectors, forces, moments, and force resolution. It will be held on Thursday, Nov 1st from 7-8:20pm in the Salomon DeCiccio Family Auditorium.

*Tori Lee (CAP Fellow) will hold informal hours on Sunday 10/21 from 8-10pm, focused on choosing engineering (and other) courses for next semester.

*Shop open for construction M-F 9am-5pm between 12/3-12/11.

*No regularly scheduled office hours Dec 2-Dec 11. Facutly and TAs will be in Pricne between 10am-5pm.

*No class on Monday Dec 10th, Shop is open for construction!

Check this page throughout the semester for additional announcements and general course information.