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Grand Lectures:

The entire class will meet together as a unified community in the “Grand Lecture”, every Friday from 9-9:50am in Salomon 001. During this grand lecture, scientists and engineers from various fields will share their experiences with the class. The exciting list of speakers for fall 2012 is as follows:

Date Speaker Name Seminar Title
Sept 7 Cornelia Dean Disconnect: Issues in the Public Understanding of Science and Engineering
Sept 14 Kenny Breuer Is it Wrong to Lie, Cheat and Steal?
Sept 21 Kipp Bradford Engineering, Design, and the Future
Sept 28 David Odeh Challenges in Modern Structural Engineering
Oct 5 Lorenzo Manjo Engineering, Marketing, and Business Stuff I Wish I Knew When I Was in School…
Oct 19 Christopher Geyer Lessons on Leading High Risk Research and Development, Getting Things Done, and Why You Should Be an Engineer
Oct 26 Thomas Saunders Even If You Can’t Get a Date, You Can Get a Patent
Nov 2 Leigh Hochberg BrainGate: Collaborative NeuroEngineering at Brown
Nov 9 Lynn Ewert Pain From Transparent Armor to Virtual Worlds: Engineering, Management, and Policy in the DoD Lab System
Nov 16 Julie Sygel How to Engineer the Best Possible Pair of Underwear
Nov 30 Andrew Peterson Chemical Reaction Engineering: Catalyst Design for Sustainable Fuels
Dec 7 Andrew Gabor The U.S. Photovoltaics Industry: An Inside Look