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We will follow the tenets of the Academic Honor Code of Brown University


Collaboration Policy

Homeworks:  You may work on homework problems as a group.  However, any work submitted for grading must represent work done by the person who will receive credit for the assignment.  It is not acceptable for two students to submit identical copies of a homework problem.  It is not acceptable for one student to copy work previously done by another.

Design Projects: The first design project will be done in teams.  For this project, collaboration is permitted on calculations, the design process, and manufacturing and presenting. However, each student must turn in an independent report for the first design project.  No collaboration of any kind is permitted while writing this report.
The second design project will be done in teams.   Collaboration is permitted on all phases of the second design project, including report writing.  However, the report must indicate the author with primary responsibility for writing each section.

Examinations: No collaboration of any kind is permitted during examinations.

Any violation of these policies or the Academic Honor Code will automatically be referred to the Academic Standing Committee.  Penalties for honor code violations may include one or more of the following

  1. Loss of credit for the exercise (loss of credit for a lab will almost certainly cause you to drop a grade)
  2. Loss of credit for the course
  3. Parental Notification
  4. An entry in the students permanent record
  5. Mention of the incident in any recommendation letter supplied by Brown to prospective employers
  6. Dismissal.


Grade change requests

If you find that your grades have been added incorrectly, or you would like a grade on your homework, examination or laboratory assignment reconsidered, you should

(i) Prepare a written statement explaining why you think your grade is incorrect;

(ii) Leave your written request, together with the homework/lab/exam in question in the box marked `grade change requests' oppisote Ms. Gesuladi's desk on the 7th floor (north side) of Barus-Holley building.

Grade change requests received later than one week after the graded assignment was returned to you will not be considered.



Homework will be assigned approximately weekly Most assignments will be available electronically from this website.

rbullet.gif (904 bytes) Click Here for requirements for the format of your homework.

Homework will be assigned in class on Thursdays. They will be due in class the following Thursday. Graded homework will be returned to you in your folders on the 7th floor the following week. Solutions will be posted on line.

Homework handed in after 12:00 noon on the due date will not be graded.

We will excuse homework only for medical reasons or with a Dean's advisement. If you want to be excused from a homework, you must submit a request in writing (email is OK) before the homework is due. 

We encourage collaboration on homework assignments: you can learn a lot from working with a group. However, material submitted for grading should represent work done by its author. Any work done in collaboration should be clearly marked as such. See the Academic Honor Code of Brown University for further clarification.