ENGN 0310: Mechanics of Solids and Structures

Fall 2013

School of Engineering Brown University


Design Project:  Beam design in ABAQUS

The project will have 3 parts: The first 2 are to introduce you to ABAQUS through tutorials/examples.  In the final part you will design your own structure, and compare your results to theory.

IMPORTANT:  ABAQUS is available in the computing lab of B&H.  There are ONLY 30 licenses for this software.   Thus, you must work in teams of 2 OR 3 for the entire project (parts A, B, and C).   ONLY 1 LICENSE PER GROUP AT A TIME!  It will also encourage collaboration and enhance learning to work with a classmate on the same terminal throughout the project.

Both sections on 11/19 and 11/26 will be held in the computer lab.  We expect you to be working on the project during this time such that you can maximize the help from the TAs and Instructors.

Submission:   All parts are to be submitted electronically as PDFs.  Please upload to Google Drive and share with the head TA, Ali Khorshidi.

Group Sign-Up:

Part A:   Perform Chapters 1 & 2 of the ABAQUS TUTORIAL

Due Wednesday 11/27 12pm

To Turn in:  1 copy per group, a 2-page typed report summarizing your understanding of the chapters, including example problem (including deformed/undeformed shape, BCs, loading conditions, significant results).

Please make it look professional, proper figures, captions, tables.

Part B:  Perform Chapters 3 & 4 of the ABAQUS TUTORIAL

Due Friday 12/6 5pm

To Turn in:  1 copy per group, as before, a 2-page typed report summarizing your understanding of the chapters, including example problem.

Part C:  Beam Design (PDF)

Due Thursday 12/12 5pm

Lab 1:   Strain in the Membrane  (PDF)

Lab 1 will commence on Tuesday October 1.  Lab Kits will be available for pickup between 12-5pm on Tuesday, and 12-5pm on Wednesday in Prince Lab.  Course Faculty and/or TA will be available to answer any questions, or aid with lab during this time period.  Some equipment will be available for use in Prince Lab, but students are also allowed to utilize their own equipment (iphones/cameras/computers) and lab space (dorm room).

** Students must work in groups of 2 **  If you do not have a partner, please come to Prince Lab and we will find you a partner.  There is 1 kit per group.  There is 1 written assignment, and thus 1 grade, per group.

Reports are due on October 9th at 5pm.  They are to be turned in electronically via Google Docs, and shared with the Lab TA, Jonathan Estrada.  PDF format only. 

Lab 2:  Soda Can Myth Busters (PDF)