Laboratory for Environmental and Health Nanoscience
The Laboratory for Environmental and Health Nanoscience focuses on the creation of new nanomaterials and structures and their applications and implications for both the environment and for human health.  Our diverse team of staff and student researchers represents 6 countries and four disciplines (chemistry, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials/mechanical engineering) and collaborates extensively with other groups to understand the complex problems that arise at the interface between nanomaterials and the natural world.
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Dr. Robert Hurt   (CV)

School of Engineering
Brown University

Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation
Brown University

Some members of LEHN (Summer 2012)
Top row, left to right: Robert Hurt, Fei Guo, Charles Baumann, Ross Browne, Yantao Chen, Yang Qiu.
Bottom row, left to right: Jose Rene Rangel Mendez, Jingyu Liu, Megan Creighton, Hiroe Hu, Legna Figueroa Cosme, Litza Halla Velazquez Jimenez, Zhongying Wang.

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