Chris Bull

Current Members:

Colden Eldridge '14
Jeanette Miranda '14
Stephen Weinreich '14
Beverly Xu '14
Jay Young '14
Horacio Ferrandiz '15
Samuel Friedman '15
Pawel Golyski '15
Victoria Lee '15
Adam Scherlis '15
Peter Cooper '16
Richard Deng '16
James Dilling '16
Advik Iyer Guha '16
Graham Keeth '16
Brennan MacInnes '16
Nicholas McGurk '16
Kristen Michaelson '16
Danna Nozik '16
Samuel Steffl '16
Joshua Wang '16


Max Gottesman '13
Andrew Choi '13
Ian Hovander '13
Steven Klurfeld '13
Evan Lester '13
Therice Morris '13
Morgan Walti '13
Ben Freudberg '12
Warren Jin '12
David Brown '11
Eli Bashevkin '11
Nick Vina '11
Elinor Fung '11
Luke Angelini '10
Will Richards '10
Jon Kalow '10
Ethan Ballweber '10
Ethan Currens '10
Hannah Singer '10
Caitlin Ashley-Rollman '09
Hector Inirio '09
Mark Fuller '09
Vivette El-Fawal '09
Michael Chon '09
Gil Breingan '08
Adam Greenbaum '08
Ky Krieger '08
Saben Murray '08
Jared Slucter '08
Mark Glennon '07
Alyssa Ricker '07
Marc Bastien '06
Andrew Del Donno '06
Josh Dunford '06
Lars Kanter '06


Chris "The" Bull

Apparition / Faculty Sponsor

Year: 1868(?)

Major: Ph.D Underwater Basketweaving

“We need more argon!”

The true origin of Chris Bull's affiliation with the Brown Formula FSAE Team is lost in the inscrutable mists of time. However, legend has it that a despairing undergraduate, overwhelmed by schoolwork and car team responsibilities, was roaming the corridors of Prince Labs late one fall night, and dropped a heap of parts orders in his blind stupor before passing out on the car shop couch. This poor soul awoke to the sound of phone ringing- to his amazement, several companies called confirming the shipment of essential parts, and that a sorely-needed full tank of argon was waiting upstairs. Since then, Chris has been essential to the functioning of the team. He is a rarely seen individual, hunted by many for his vast array of skills and capabilities, friendly disposition, and discretionary budget. Nevertheless, if the team ever needs parts, gas, completed paperwork, good advice- he will do it, quickly and quietly.

Some say Chris Bull is naught but a myth or a specter, but the members of the FSAE team (and now you, too) know that he can always be spotted, spandex-clad, biking to work at around 6:30AM in the swirling snow on College Hill.

Current Members


Colden Eldridge

Team Lead

Powertrain Lead

Year: 2014

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Colden is a licensed pilot and diver, as well as a team driver, making him the fastest man on land, sea, and air. He is an expert machinist and even convinced his father to construct a machine shop in his garage. Colden's hair has never been caught in anything other than a perfectly sideswept state, and he is currently competing with Evan for the chillest team member award. Best of luck to both!

Jeanette "Jeanie Baby" Miranda

Team Lead

Chassis/Suspension Lead

Year: 2014

Major: Computer Engineering


Jeanette has an uncanny ability to not only absorb all subsytems by diffusion, but can also regurgitate her learned information all over the team. In her spare time she likes to get haircuts (but nobody ever notices), decorate the shop, and dance to Gangnam Style. Jeanette's biggest fear is eating the last morsel of a plate of food.

Stephen "Teflon Don" Weinreich

Team Lead

Shifting Mechanics Lead

ELectronics Lead

Year: 2014

Major: Electrical Engineering

"Pandora is my only friend."

On the weekends, Stephen can be found doing one of the following: playing kan jam, running in a full-body spandex suit, eating vast quantities of eggs, or bragging about eating vast quantities of eggs. In his free time, Stephen is a competitive trivia whiz (only in topics involving Marky Mark; see Jay Young). His favorite TV show is Whisker Wars and his favorite food is deep-fried burritos. He holds the record for the Fastest Unicorn Mile.

Beverly Xu

Impact Attenuator Lead

Year: 2014

Major: Civil Engineering

Beverly is a talented artist, designing some of the best t-shirts the team has ever seen. She is the only person who in the history of ever has gotten a Toms tan and supports symmetrical hair styles. She is also the nicest person and the biggest sports fan on the team. As a civil engineer, she is one of the last of a shrinking species at Brown.

Jay Young

Year: 2014

Major: Mechanical Engineering

"My only friend is Siri."

Jay is the team's Marky Mark Wahlberg officianado (but see Stephen Weinreich). He once competed in an endurance bandsaw competition and we are proud to say that he won. His favorite machine is the tube notcher, and he will happily teach anybody who wants to learn. Sign-ups are now open!

Horacio Ferrandiz

Year: 2015

Major: Currently Undeclared

Horacio is the only person on the team who can rock a yellow poncho confidently. We miss Horacio's smile and positivity this semester, but we await his return impatiently in the fall!!

Samuel "Luigi" Friedman

Electronics Lead

Year: 2015

Major: Electrical Engineering

Sam is secretly a hipster but denies it. The Mason jars were just too big of a giveaway. He wins the best-dressed member award, especially when he's playing Luigi to Evan's Mario. Not only does he have a precocious knack for electrical engineering (he built his very own electric guitar), but Sam can also write poetry like it's nobody's business.

Victoria "Vicki/TorTor/Torzzz" Lee

Powertrain Lead (Oil)

Year: 2015

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Tori is, quite simply put, the mother of the team. She is known to cook, clean, scold, nurture, and even change the occasional diaper for members on the team. The only thing that rivals the amount of love she pours into the team is possibly the passion she has for Cards Against Humanity. It is through this activity that we learned of her "dark side." Despite being unanimously renowned as Team Mom, she vehemently denies this title as quote "no mother has shown her child as much love as I give the Brown FSAE car team". Her mother has so far declined to comment.

Adam Scherlis

Year: 2015

Major: Physics

Adam is an avid portal-hunter, Reddit-reader, tab-maker, physics guru, and webmaster. He loves overanalyzing things, and is one of the only people in this world who can carry an entire, factual conversation about peglegs. If you catch Adam between the months of November and January, he will have more hair on his chin than most men have on their heads.

Peter Cooper

Wiring Harness Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Peter is an EveOnline champ (see Brennan). He is the resident team coder ("Peter! Can you write a script to do this? How about this?!"), and he can talk for hours about anything tech-related. Peter can be found snowboarding down the slopes in Colorado when he isn't learning a new programming language.

Richard Deng

Pedalbox Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

"I've got Tockwotton all over my face!"

Richard has a hidden, amazing talent for balancing sticks on donkeys' backs. He also excels in polishing steel things shaped suspiciously like a chassis and making bike locks from bandsaws. As a hardcore parkour practicer, Richard may frequently be found flipping, climbing, and jumping off things. If you have any bonsai trees that need taking care of, Richard is your man.

James Dilling

Pedalbox Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

James has too many pockets. It may come as a shock to learn then that James' favorite hobby involves losing everything from his phone to his wallet to his keys. He is an aspiring master welder, knows a crazy amount about gun laws, and practices Guitar Hero in his free time. Yes, he can even hit that elusive orange button that nobody can ever get.

Advik "Advikado" Iyer Guha

Aerodynamics Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Advik has earned himself the title of being the Team Member with the Best Accent Ever. His favorite activities include forgetting his phone charger in the wrong continent, laughing, and actually being on time to things. Advik loves the lathe so much, he secretly wants to marry it. Keep an eye out for the wedding invitations!

Graham "Grahamster" Keeth

Shifting Pneumatics Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Graham was originally known as "The Kid in the Orange Shirt," but now he goes by anything from Grahamster to Grahamburger to Teddy Graham. The team will always remember the days when he matched the color of the student shop all the time. Graham's ability to tie monkey fist knots has spread far and wide, as has his love for mini M&Ms and Cheetos. Only on very, very special occasions will you see him in a shirt untouched by some form of artsy machining oil splashes. His stores of Pixar knowledge are vast, but challenge him only if you dare!

Brennan MacInnes

Composites Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Brennan has the most fiery hair on the team, and a fiery personality to match. He refuses to eat anything sweet after the sun sets, loves playing EveOnline (see Peter), and already came into Brown with an associates degree in applied science (mechatronics). He is a pro sander (nobody can figure out his secret!), and he enjoys learning how to spell words with hieroglyphics in his free time.

Nicholas McGurk

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Nick is the most patient member of the team and also one of the most careful machinists. His hobbies include designing (and redesigning) bottles for the ENGN3 extra credit as well as forgetting the days of the week. He loves to cook, especially fancy pastas with fancy sauces, and his dream room would feature a whiteboard on every single wall so that he could decorate and redecorate all the time.

Kristen Michaelson

Steering Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Knitting and sewing weren't enough for Kristen Michaelson, who joined the car team this year and immediately set out to stump everyone with great questions. She has been known to look at very sharp, very scary knives and exclaim, "Look! A butterfly!" If you are a freshman, watch out - Kristen has developed a strange and rare fatal disease that prohibits her from advising small groups of first-years. But do forgive her, for she has declared any day in which she can learn about the car is like Christmas.

Danna "Danna Banana" Nozik

Cooling Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Danna is the proud receiver of the Benjamin Freudberg Award, which is given to the new member who stays the longest at the annual Car Team Open House/Barbecue in September. She is the most polite person you'll ever meet, and she uses a protractor and ruler to draw free-body diagrams on her homework. Fun fact: Danna's greatest wish is to become ambidextrous so that she can be twice as efficient at writing essays.

Samuel Steffl

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Silent and strong, Sam is a man who wears shorts even when it's snowing. He loves sharing, asks really great questions, and looks up machining speeds in his free time. Sam successfully self-taught himself two courses in high school and refuses to use an equation until he knows where it came from. While Sam would never make fun of anyone directly, beware - he will laugh at you and give the excuse that he's laughing at a joke inside his head! Sneaky, sneaky.

Joshua Wang

Seat and Headrest Lead

Year: 2016

Major: Currently Undeclared

Josh's favorite reading material is, and will always be, the Monday Meeting Minutes. When he isn't out on mission retreats, he's teaching friends how to play Starcraft - he has a waiting list, but email him if you are interested! "Classic Josh."


Max Gottesman
Team Lead 2012, 2013
Powertrain Lead 2012, 2013

Therice Morris
Chassis/Suspension Lead 2013

Morgan Walti
Powertrain Lead 2013

Evan Lester
Fuel System Lead 2013

Steven Klurfeld
Drivetrain Lead 2013

Andrew Choi
Cooling Lead 2013

Ian Hovander

Benjamin Freudberg
Chassis/Suspension Lead 2012

Warren Jin
Electronics Lead 2012

David Brown
Team Lead 2011
Chassis/Suspension Lead 2011

Eli Bashevkin
Powertrain Lead 2011

Nicolas Vina
Powertrain Lead 2011

Elinor Fung
Electronics Lead 2011

Luke Angelini
Team Lead 2010
Powertrain Lead 2009-10

Will Richards
Chassis/Suspension Lead 2010

Jon Kalow
Brakes Lead 2010

Ethan Currens

Hannah Singer

Ethan Ballweber
Body/Finish Lead 2009-10

Caitlin Ashley-Rollman
Team Lead 2009
Chassis/Suspension Lead 2009

Hector Inirio
Drivetrain Lead 2009

Vivette El Fawal

Michael Chon

Mark Fuller

Adam Greenbaum
Team Manager 2008
Drivetrain Lead 2007

Gil Breingan
Drivetrain Lead 2008

Saben Murray
Team Lead 2008
Suspension Lead 2008

Jared Slucter
Powertrain Lead 2008

Ky Krieger
Ergo Lead 2007-08

Mark Glennon
Team Lead 2007
Powertrain Lead 2007

Alyssa Ricker
Suspension Lead 2007

Josh Dunford
Team Lead 2006
Suspension Lead 2006

Lars Kanter
Team Lead 2006
Powertrain Lead 2006

Andrew Del Donno
Drivetrain Lead 2006

Marc Bastien
Ergo Lead 2006