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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Available Now!

Brown University now has two plug-in electric vehicle charging stations available for public use. One is located in Visitor Parking, Lot #44 on Brook Street, behind Minden Hall. The other is in the Richmond Street parking garage, entrance on Eddy Street.

Each station has dual ports to charge two vehicles simultaneously. Electricity is free after the user pays to access the parking lot/garage. Any vehicle with Brown parking pass hang tags may charge at Lot #44. Unless you have assigned parking at the Richmond Street garage, normal parking charges apply there. The charging limit is four hours. Both stations are on the Chargepoint network and visible through websites, apps and on-board vehicle navigation systems.

To start a charging session, just hold your Chargepoint card over the station's reader symbol, use your Chargepoint app or call the telephone number located on the charging station, 888-758-4389.

To sign up for a Chargepoint card or to view a video showing how to use the station, visit The use of plug-in electric vehicles is part of the University's strategy to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollutants.

For more specific information on how electric vehicles compare to gasoline vehicles, visit