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Alumni Newsletter: July '08 to July '09


2009 Karen T. Romer Award

The Dean of the College announced in May that the 2009 Karen T. Romer Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring had been awarded to Professor Karen Fischer, and Evelyn Hu-DeHart, Professor of History. The prize is presented each year to two faculty members who have demonstrated extraordinary care in attending to the academic and personal needs of undergraduate students. Nominations were solicited broadly from faculty and students.

GeoClub Award for Service

Rising third year graduate student McCall Burau was elected by her grad student peers as the 2009 GeoClub Award recipient. McCall was recognized for her tireless work organizing several GeoClub sponsored events including the fiesta party, bowling parties, and other fun outings. She was also acknowledged for reinvigorating, and then organizing, the Professional Development Seminars. Finally, it was noted that McCall has been a major player in organizing and getting the 2009 summer graduate student field trip approved.

Honorable Mention at AGU

Rising fifth year graduate student Linda Chernak received honorable mention from the MARGINS judges for her American Geophysical Union (AGU) poster presentations in December 2008. Judges said of her poster: “Very clear presentation of an interesting mineralogical/rheological issue. Poster nicely started with big picture motivation and was laid out clearly. Excellent work, well designed and executed.”

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Two Dwornik Awards at LPSC

Rising third year graduate student Brendan Hermalyn received Best Graduate Oral Presentation for his talk “Early-Stage Ejecta Velocity Distribution”.

Honorable Mention (Oral) was given to rising second year grad student Mark Salvatore for his talk “Assessing the Mineralogy of Acidalia Planitia, Mars, Using Near-Infrared Orbital Spectroscopy”.

GSA Best Student Paper Award

Rising fourth year graduate student Bethany Ehlmann won the GSA 2009 Pellas-Ryder Best Student Paper award for her paper “Orbital Identification of Carbonate-Bearing rocks on Mars”. This paper was subsequently published in Science 322, 1818 (2008).

In addition, her December AGU talk on evidence for hydrothermal activity on Mars got the Planetary Sciences Section Best Student Paper award.

Symbolic PhD Degree ’09

Marshall Sundberg, PhD 2009, was nominated by the Department of Geological Sciences to be the symbolic PhD degree recipient at the 2009 University Commencement Ceremony, and subsequently selected by the Graduate School for this honored role.

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2009 Sarah LaMendola Award

Ruth Heindel, ’10 was selected for this year’s Sarah LaMendola Undergraduate Research Award. Ruth was recognized for her excellent academic record as well as the outstanding potential of her Senior Thesis research to study dust storms and their effects on the marine record in Adventfjorden, Norway.

Joslin Award

Zahra Hirji, ’09, was presented the 2009 Joslin Award by Campus Life and Student Services for making significant contributions to the University through her leadership and service.

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2009 Udall Scholar

The Office of the Dean of the College announced in April that Danny Musher ’10 was named a 2009 Udall Scholar. The Morris K. Udall Scholarship is a $5,000 award for sophomores and juniors with excellent academic records and demonstrated interest in careers in the environment. Danny is concentrating in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Geology-Biology. Through his work with organizations such as the Sierra Student Coalition and Project 20/20, Danny developed and conducted training sessions for young activists in environmental organizing, energy efficiency initiatives, and climate advocacy. In Rhode Island, Danny led the Rhode Island Student Climate Coalition’s organizing effort to mobilize high school and college students around a state-wide climate and green jobs campaign.

Years of Dedicated Service

Brown Employee Appreciation and Recognition (B.E.A.R.) Day is an annual community celebration of years of service and performance excellence at Brown University. President Ruth Simmons invited all members of the Brown community to celebrate the ongoing achievements of staff at an hors d’oeuvres reception in early February.

The following Geological Science staff members were honored for their dedication and service to the University:

  • Phil Howell – 25 years
  • Nancy Christy – 10 years
  • Lynn Carlson – 10 years
  • Dave Murray – 10 years
  • Carolyn Sherman – 10 years
  • Gloria Correra – 15 years

Special kudos and thanks go to those who have served the University and the department for over 30 years:

  • Bill Collins
  • April Martin
  • Lisa Sheehan (pictured above, celebrating with Professor Tom Webb)

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Manager of the Year

John E. Hays, ScM ’95, CFM, of the Santa Cruz County, Arizona, Flood Control District, was named the LRJ Local Floodplain Manager of the Year in tribute to his personal dedication, perseverance, and commitment to both his county and to the careful management of flood hazards (see page 21 for more details).

Honorable Mention at AGU

Mike Krawscyznski, ScB ’05, received honorable mention from the MARGINS judges for his American Geophysical Union's (AGU) poster presentation this past December ‘08. The judges said of Mike's work: “Clear, effective delivery. Well backed up conclusion of great importance to Subfac geoscientists. Fantastic talk.”

2009 Lyell Medal

The Geological Society of London awarded Ian McCave PhD ’67 the 2009 Lyell Medal for his dedication to teaching the many research students who he has supervised, and for his unselfish service to the Earth science community through the development of research cruise expeditions.

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The Geo Quartet

The “Geo Quartet” (all in the class of 2010) played in a well received Brown chamber music recital in May of 2008. Ruth Heindel, (top left) plays the cello. Kelsey Lane, (top right) plays the viola. Tyler Lucero (bottom left) plays the violin. Emilie Lygren, (bottom right) plays the piano.


Outstanding Union Employee Award

The 2008 Gaspar/Arzoomanian Outstanding Union Employee Award was presented to Custodian Alcina Lopes (pictured left, with Bill Collins) . Alcina is an 11 year employee with the University who has outstanding customer service skills and a job performance reputation for being diligent, reliable, exceedingly professional, and supportive in her work to support the students, faculty, and staff of the Geo-Chem Building. Photo: Alcina, left, with Bill Collins.

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