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Alumni Newsletter: July '08 to July '09


Just after commencement, Nancy Christy (Professor Jim Head’s assistant) served as mentor for two 8th graders from Barrington Christian Academy. BCA’s Field Placement Program helps broaden students’ awareness of the breadth of career opportunities as well as better understand how skills learned in academic courses are used in various careers, develop effective communication skills, recognize the importance of teamwork, etc. Over the course of three days, Steve Foster and Caleb Wright spoke with 6 graduate students and 7 geology staff about their research and work. They even helped to proofread a manuscript. Steve (left in photo) wrote of his experience:

“While at Brown, I learned a lot about planetary geology. Mrs. Christy showed us around and set up interviews with professors and grad students who explained to us a brief overview of what they were studying. In particular, one student was studying impact craters on the Moon. She showed us high definition views of certain parts of the Moon and explained what everything meant. We got a tour of the campus and learned about the school and its people. This was a really good experience for me and I’m glad I got to see and learn what goes on at Brown’s planetary geology department.”

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