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Alumni Newsletter: July '08 to July '09


Enjoy images of departmental events taken throughout the academic year!

Professor and Chair, Timothy Herbert (second from left) on the research vessel Knorr with graduate students (l-r) Caitlin Chazen, Rocio Caballero and Jeffrey Salacup.

Staff and faculty gather to celebrate the birthday of Dave Murray (center, being kissed on the head); l-r, front row: Nancy Christy, Steve Clemens, Lisa Sheehan, Celeste Thompson-Roach, Nancy Fjeldheim, Margaret Doll; second row, l-r: Ruth Crane, Anne Cote, Pauline Fennelly, (Dave), Gloria Correra, student employee, Carolyn Sherman; back row, l-r: Professor Tim Herbert, Lynn Carlson and Bill Collins

l-r: Professors Tim Herbert, Warren Prell, and Meredith Hastings with Tatiana Rynearson, ScB '94 and Adjunct Professor Mark Altabet at the 2008 AGU/Brown Alumni Reception in San Francisco

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Second year graduate students Shannon Loomis and Jess Rodysill at AGU, 2008

l-r: Michael Braun, ScB '96, third year grad student Heather Ford, postdoc Marc Hesse, Scott French, ScB '07, and Professor Marc Parmentier at the 2008 AGU/Brown Alumni Reception in San Francisco

Members of the Class of 2009 at the December AGU meeting (l-r): Shane Schoepfer (AB & ScM), Marc Mayes (ScB), Alice Alpert, (ScB) and Jena Johnson (ScB). All four presented results of their research.

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Prime camp ground real estate reserved for Brown's Geology group during a recent fieldtrip

Lab Reunion at LPSC! Professor Peter Schultz (second from right) surrounded by current and former graduate students: clockwise, l-r: Angela Stickle, LeAnne Edwards, Olivier Barnouin-Jha (standing PhD '98), Brendan Hermalyn, Scott Harris, Winona State student, Jennifer Anderson (PhD '04), Seiji Sugita (PhD '99), Carolyn Van Der Bogert (PhD '04), and Brad Thomson (PhD '06)

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Alcina Lopes fans: back row, l-r: Yun Wang, Pauline Fennelly, Li Gao, award winner Alcina (see "Awards & Recognition"), Carolyn Sherman, Alice Alpert; front row, l-r: Ruth Crane, Nancy Fjeldheim, Lisa Sheehan, David Abt

Professors Meredith Hastings and Greg Hirth practice their paddling skills before the first annual Geology Ping Pong Tournament -- a fund raiser for the Undergrad spring break field trip

SMILE! It's Senior Theses Time!

Joshua Stern (ScB '09) with advisor Professor Yongsong Huang and Professor Tim Herbert



Professor & advisor Jessica Whiteside (center) with Marc Vankeuren (ScB '09), & Jena Johnson (ScB '09)



Advisor Professor Tim Herbert with Alice Alpert (ScB '09)




Marc Mayes (ScB '09) with advisor Professor Jim Russell




Professor & advisor Alberto Saal with Benjamin Friedman (AB '09)




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Lindsey McKenna, ScB '07 with Professor Jan Tullis after the 2009 Commencement ceremony

Professor Emeritus Bruno Giletti and his wife Janet visit the department

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