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Key Courses in Human Development at Brown

CSHD has identified a number of courses at Brown relevant to the study of human development that can provide a strong background in the social, behavioral and cognitive sciences as they pertain to human development. Students interested in the study of children's development from birth through adolescence and the major contexts that influence such development should consider the many courses below.


 Overview of Field Issues and Topics

  • EDUC 0800 Introduction to Human Development and Education, or
  • PSYC 0810 Child Development

 Statistics Courses

  • COGS 0090/PSYC 0090 Quantitative Methods in Psychology, or
  • EDUC 1110 Introductory Statistics for Educational Research and Policy Analysis, or
  • SOC 1100 Introductory Statistics for Social Research

 Methods/Research Seminar Courses

  • COGS 1610 Laboratory in Cognitive Development, or
  • EDUC 1100 Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
  • SO102 Sociological Inquiry

 Historical Overview

  • EDUC 1710 History and Theories of Child Development

Additional Courses

Additional courses can be distributed across two broad categories of interest - Ecology of Child Development and Internal Processes of Development. Students are encouraged to take at least two courses drawn from each set.

 Set A: Ecology of Child Development

  • AMCV 1610L Child Welfare in Twentieth-Century America (Mr. Meckel)
  • ANTH 0200 Culture and Human Behavior (Ms. Hollos)
  • ANTH 0400 Growing Up Ethnic and Multicultural (Mr. Anderson)
  • AN136 Cultural Perspectives on Human Development (Ms. Hollos)
  • ANTH 1210 Culture and Cognition (Ms. Hollos)
  • EDUC 1270 Adolescent Psychology (Ms. Rivas)
  • EDUC 1580 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Child Development (Ms. Li)
  • EDUC 1850 Moral Development and Education (Ms. Li)
  • EDUC 1860 Social Context of Learning and Development (Ms. Li)
  • EDUC 1750 Contemporary Social Problems: Views from Human Development and Education (Ms. Garcia Coll)
  • POLS 1090 Children and Public Policy (Mr. Cheit)
  • PSYC 1740 Relationships and Human Development (Mr. Seifer)
  • SOC 0020 Perspectives on Social Interaction (Mr. Elliott)
  • SOC 0170 The Family (Staff)
  • SO30 Freshman seminars: section 03: Who am I? (Mr. Elliott)
  • SO71 Transitions: Leaving Home, Family Formation, and Aging (Staff)
  • SOC 1430 Social Structure and Personal Development (Mr. Elliot)
  • SOC 1440 Intimate Violence (Mr. Elliot)

 Set B: Internal Processes of Development

  • COGS 0440 Perception and Mind (Mr. Tarr)
  • COGS 0450 Language and the Mind (Mr. Morgan)
  • COGS 0630 Children's Thinking: The Nature of Cognitive Development (Mr. Sobel)
  • COGS 1180 Cognitive Development (Mr. Sobel)
  • COGS 1430 Child Language Acquisition (Ms. Demuth)
  • COGS 1740 Topics in Child Language (Demuth/Morgan)
  • COGS 1470 Language Learning Disorders (Ms. Demuth)
  • COGS 1630 Topics in Phonology (Mr. Morgan)
  • COGS 1860 Topics in Cognitive Science (Staff)
  • PSYC 0300 Personality (Mr. Hayden)
  • PSYC 1330 Abnormal Psychology (Mr. Hayden)
  • PSYC 0470 Brain Damage and the Mind (Mr. Heindel)
  • PSYC 0550 Introduction to Sleep (Ms. Carskadon)
  • PSYC 0750 Principles of Behavioral Neuroscience (Ms. Burwell)
  • PSYC 0940 Developmental Psychopathology (Staff)
  • PSYC 1740 Relationships and Human Development (Mr. Seifer)