Mary A. Carskadon, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry, Brown University School of Medicine

Director of Chronobiology and Sleep Research, E.P. Bradley Hospital

Sleep Research Lab

E.P. Bradley Hospital
1011 Veterans Memorial Parkway
E. Providence, RI 02915

Campus Mail: Box G-EPB
Phone 401-421-9440
Fax 401-453-3578

Areas of Expertise:

Other Areas of Interest:

Recent Publications:

  1. Wolfson, A.R. and Carskadon, M.A. Sleep schedules and daytime functioning in adolescents. Child Development 69(4):875-887, 1998.
  2. Carskadon, M.A., Wolfson, A.R., Acebo, C., Tzischinsky, O., and Seifer, R. Adolescent sleep patterns, circadian timing, and sleepiness at a transition to early school days. Sleep 21(8):871-881, 1998.
  3. Carskadon, M.A., Labyak, S.E., Acebo, C., and Seifer, R. Intrinsic circadian period of adolescent humans measured in conditions of forced desynchrony. Neurosci. Lett. 260:129-132, 1999.
  4. Carskadon, M.A., Acebo, C., and Seifer, R. Extended nights, sleep loss, and recovery sleep in adolescents. Arch. Ital. Biol. 139:301-312, 2001.
  5. Carskadon, M.A. and Acebo, C. Regulation of sleepiness in adolescence: Update, insights, and speculation. Sleep 25:606-616, 2002.
  6. Carskadon, M.A. (Editor). Adolescent Sleep Patterns: Biological, Social, and Psychological Influences. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2002.
  7. Lee-Chiong T.L., Sateia, M.J., and Carskadon, M.A. (Editors). Sleep Medicine, Hanley & Belfus, Inc., Philadelphia, 2002.

Current Research:

    Project Name: Sleep and Development

    Duration: 06/01/01 through 05/30/05


    Participants (ages 9 or 10 years, 15 or 16 years, and 21 or 22 years) are needed for a study of sleep patterns, sleep structure, and sleepiness. Interviews of parents and participants determine qualifications for the study, which is examining the impact of parental alcohol history and child alcohol use (if any). The study requires careful record keeping and sleep/wake scheduling for about two weeks, visits to the lab for an evening and an entire weekend (nights and days) for testing, including sleep monitoring and daytime tests of performance. Participants and parents receive financial compensation.


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