Martin F. Gardiner, Ph.D.

Visiting Research Associate

Director of Research, The Music School, Providence

4 Kimberly Ann Drive
Greenville, RI 02828

Phone: 401-949-2729
Fax: 401-949-2729 (after alerting call)

Areas of Expertise:

Other Areas of Interest:

I am interested in the interactions between arts training, learning, and development for their own sake and also for the window this can provide on more general issues of learning and dvelopment, and brain mechanisms and brain changes underlying learning and development.

Recent Publications:

  1. Gatrdiner, M.F. (2002). The human ecology of music. To be published 2002 in Lerner, R. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Human Ecology.
  2. Gardiner, M.F. (2002). Making, keeping and using time.(In press) Time Hunt, U.K.
  3. Gardiner, M.F. (2000). Music learning and behavior: a case for mental stretching: Journal for Learning Through Music, 1: 72 - 93.
  4. Gardiner, M.F., (1996). Learning improved by arts training. Nature 381: 284.

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