Linda L. LaGasse, Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Brown University School of Medicine

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology, Brown University

Women and Infants' Hospital
101 Dudley St.
Providence, RI 02852

:Phone: 401-453-7640
Fax: 401-453-7646

Areas of Expertise:

Other Areas of Interest:

Recent Publications:

  1. LaGasse, L.L., VanVorst, R.F., Brunner, S.M., & Lester, B.M. (1998). Effects of in utero exposure to cocaine and/or opiates on infants' on reaching behavior. Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 846, 405-407.
  2. Lester, B.M., LaGasse, L.L., & Bigsby, R. (1998). Prenatal cocaine exposure and child development: What do we know and what do we do? Seminars in Speech and Language, 19, 123-146.
  3. Lester, B.M., LaGasse, L.L., & Seifer, R. Cocaine exposure and children: The meaning of subtle effects. Science, 262, 633-634.

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