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Future Foucault:
on the Anniversary of
Bodies and Pleasures

February 26, 2010
Pembroke Hall 305
Brown University

It has been twenty-five years since the death of Michel Foucault, one of the last century's most crucial philosophers, as well as twenty-five years since the publication of the final two volumes of Histoire de la Sexualité. Since then, an extraordinary body of interdisciplinary scholarship has emerged around the work of Foucault, with much attention recently focused on his writings on ethics, governmentality, biopolitics, and war. "Future Foucault" invites six distinguished scholars to address the timeliness of these topics, and to reflect upon the abiding presence of Foucault in their own critical thought.

—Jacques Khalip, Convener
Assistant Professor, English


Tim Dean, SUNY/Buffalo
"Why is Pleasure 'a Very Difficult Behavior'?"

Anne F. Garréta, Duke University
"Self or Subject? Technology or Hermeneutics? Care or knowledge?"

Mark Hansen, Duke University
"Individuation, Disindividuation, Transindividuation"

William Haver, Binghamton University/SUNY
"Reading Foucault's Genet Lectures"

Elizabeth Povinelli, Columbia University
"Ethical Substance and Endurance in Late Liberalism"


Carolyn Dean, Modern Culture and Media/History

Jacques Khalip, English

Ralph Rodriguez, American Civilization

Co-sponsored by the Departments of French Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology, Comparative Literature, English, Modern Culture and Media, the Pembroke Center for Research and Teaching on Women and the Cogut Center for the Humanities, as well as the Consulate General of France in Boston.