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Visiting Distinguished Fellow
Sandra Kogut

Since 1984 Sandra Kogut has performed, written, directed and produced theater, documentary and musical television, advertisements, videos and films. Born in Brazil, Sandra Kogut now lives in Paris.

Quoting from the Harvard Film Archive: "Interweaving elements of documentary and fiction, of the experimental and the essayistic, and of the personal and the collective, Sandra Kogut has emerged as one of the most distinctive cultural filmmakers at work today. Her films are by turns whimsical, lyrical, and finely ironic—lighthearted and playful, yet also momentous and serious. A Brazilian of Hungarian descent who now resides in Paris, Kogut, with seeming effortlessness, traverses and transgresses boundaries of personal, cultural, and national identity in works that not only explore the construction of multiple affiliations but expand our conception of multiplicity itself. Infused with an elusive tenderness toward their subjects - a sentiment altogether rare in contemporary nonfiction - Kogut's frames become hybrid spaces that wittily illuminate the manifold relationships between individuals and their images."