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Distinguished Visitors 2008-09

The Cogut Center brings to the Brown community the most innovative and important new scholarship, through various programs of short and longer-term fellowships for distinguished visitors. In March 2009, the Center hosted this distinguished visitor:

Spring Semester

Chengzhou He is a professor of English and Drama and associate director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanjing University, China. Prof. He received his PhD at the University of Oslo. His research interest includes Modern Western Drama and Comparative Drama, Performance Studies and Gender Studies.

Among the books he has published are Henrik Ibsen and Modern Chinese Drama (Oslo, 2004), Ibsen and Modern China (Turin, 2007), Representations of the Other: Theory and Practice (Goettingen, 2008), Discourse of Humanities in Contextualization (Beijing, 2008). His articles appear in Modern Language Quarterly, Comparative Drama, Ibsen Studies, Perspectives: Studies on Translatology, and other international and Chinese academic journals.

Prof. He is the director of the Nanjing-Brown Joint Program in Gender Studies and the Humanities at Nanjing University.

For an abstract of Prof. He's March 10 lecture "Gaze, Performativity and Gender Trouble in Farewell My Concubine," click here.