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Brown Student Radio Project

WBRU and WBSR Student Research

Abstract: Brown University is currently in the unique position of being associated with two radio stations, WBRU and BSR. This fall, a small team of students from both stations will work together on the Brown Radio History Project to find out how radio at Brown has evolved over the past 70 years and become what it is today.

Research themes will include a history of the early days of radio at Brown in the context of the national radio landscape; the sociological factors affecting the development of "the DJ" as opposed to "the announcer" in the late 1940s; the role of women in Brown radio; changes in programming formats; and the history and development of the Brown Network: commercialism, rivalries and approaches to providing radio service to campus.

The project will result in the following:

  • an archival website
  • a radio-ready audio documentary which will incorporate interviews with radio scholars and audio clips from seven decades of Brown radio
  • groundwork for a museum exhibit at the John Hay LIbrary
  • reception for alumni and friends of radio at Brown to celebrate the release of the documentary

For the latest information on this project, click here.