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Co-sponsored Initiatives

Academic Year 2007-08

Brown Journal of History
Peer-reviewed Publication
History Departmental Undergraduate Group

Graduate Symposium: Urban Transformations/Shifting Identities
September 26 and 29
Architecture & Urbanism Graduate Student Conference
History of Art and Architecture
Speaker: Elizabeth Diller, Diller, Scofidio + Renfro

"Traditore-Traduttore: Treason & Translation at Saint Elizabeth's"
September 27
Department of English
Speaker: Richard Sieburth, New York University

"Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures"
September 28
Department of Emergency Medicine, Warren Alpert School of Medicine
Speaker: Vincent Lam, MD

Annual Graduate Student Lecture
October 4
English Department Graduate Students
Speaker: Lee Edelman, Tufts University

Reading Digital Literature
October 4-7
Convener: Roberto Simanowski, Assistant Professor
German Studies

"Hommage to AB: Words and Music of Anthony Burgess "
October 6-7 and 13-14
A series of film screenings, readings, live radio theatre, lectures and performances both on and off campus honoring the provocative 20th century writer and composer.

"Multiracial Heritage Week"
October 20-November 2
A series of student activities to foster dialogue about race and identity.

"The Black Hole of Empire"
October 31
Department of Anthropology
Speaker: Partha Chatterjee, Visiting Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University , and Professor of Political Science at the Center for Studies in Social Sciences in Calcutta , India

"Contemporary Issues: Politics, Economy and Religion"

November 1
Department of Anthropology
Speaker: Partha Chatterjee, Visiting Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University , and Professor of Political Science at the Center for Studies in Social Sciences in Calcutta , India

"Emerging SEAs: Unweaving Southeast Asian Myths,
Summoning a Collective Voice”

November 3-10
Student-run activities surrounding Southeast Asian Heritage Week, including talks, film screenings and art exhibits.

"Theories of the Novel Now"
November 9-10
A conference on the 40th anniversary of Novel: A Forum on Fiction featuring panels and workshops on a variety of topics, organized by major scholars and critics across the field, presenting work at the intersection of the novel and contemporary theory.
Keynote Speaker: Franco Moretti, Danily C. and Laura Louise Bell Professor of English and Comparative Literature; and Director, Center for the Study of the Novel, Stanford University

"Palestine Solidarity Week 2007
Behind the Wall: An Assertion of Palestinian Presence"

November 12-16
Film screenings, talks and a poetry reading organized by the student group Common Ground.

"Fascism, Nazism & Sexuality"

February 23
Speakers and panel discussions.

"Facets of a Religion: Faith, Culture and Art"
March 1- 20
Student-run activities related to Islam Awareness Month.

"Empires and Science"
March 28 - 30
This series of workshops examines how an exciting new field in historical studies – the cross-cultural study of empire – can shed new light on the cultural bonds that tie the sciences and the humanities together. By bringing together a diverse body of scholars from different regions across the globe, it will show how the history of science is not purely the province of western Europeanists.

Gay Pride Month
Month of April
Student-run activities during Gay Pride Month, including lectures, film screenings and symposia.

"Reassessing the Foreign Language Curriculum in the Age of Globalization"
April 4-5
Conference and panel discussions

"Exploring Our Differences: Los Matices de Nuestra Comunidad"
April 9- 15

A series of student-run events and activities that examine the diversity within the Mexican-American community.

"David Amram:  Celebrating a Half-Century of Multi-Cultural Artistic Collaborations"
April 15-22
A week-long interdisciplinary residency, with film screenings, lectures, concerts and talk backs, honoring David Amram, esteemed American symphonic composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, author and pioneer of world music.

"The Demon Melancholy: Genealogies, Modernities"

April 24-25
This conference will bring together scholars who will address, directly or indirectly, the overlaps and shifts through which melancholy has variously stood at the intersection of problematics of the subject, of the body/mind relation, of art, time, space and history.

"City Lights. Literary Constructions and Urban Space in the Iberian Peninsula"
April 25
Convened by Enric Bou, Chair, Hispanic Studies, Brown University. Speakers: Vincenzo Arsillo, Università di Venezia; Tom Harrington, Trinity College; Carlos Ramos, Wellesley College; Eduardo Mendoza, Spanish novelist.