Ralph Steadman

Illustrator and cartoonist: works include ALICE IN WONDERLAND, TREASURE ISLAND, and ANIMAL FARM

Born in 1936, Steadman claims that the source of his art comes from fear. "I draw things I dislike or I fear. Authority figures, institutions. They all make me afraid, so
I draw them... It's a way of exorcizing the demons." This British born caricaturist claimed his fame through "surreal pen-and-ink drawings that horrified and also made you laugh."(1)
Egon Schiele An expressionist painter during the fin de siecle, Schiele executed works that were described as "cruel, sadistic, and narcissistic".(2) The Artchive website on Schiele
Lisbeth Zwerger

An Austrian illustrator: works include ALICE IN WONDERLAND, ANDERSEN'S FAIRY TALES, and WIZARD OF OZ.

Born in 1954, Zwerger's work always conveyed charm and wit. Her illustrations are lighter and more fantasyland-like than those of Schiele or Steadman.

Every Picture tells a Story
Ed Wood Born in 1925, Wood was a director and producer of many horror films such as "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and "Orgy of the Dead". In 1994, Tim Burton made a film about him with Johnny Depp and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Ed Wood appreciation website

IMDB website about the movie

Jean-Michel Basquiat One of the most popular artist during the 80's in New York, Basquiat started painting grafitti art then onto canvas. He had no formal training in art but still managed to convey his opinion as well as anger through striking color mixes and sharp and spiky images. In 1996, a movie about his life was made with Jeffrey Wright, Dennis Hopper, David Bowie and many other prominent actors.

A studio assistant's recollections

Basquiat from Emory University website

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Robert Crumb "Robert Crumb, the visionary behind underground commix, is a reluctant hero of his generation. He has been lauded as a draftsman on a par with Bruegel, with a twisted, if not downright perverted (though always sincere) view of women. Following the filming of the 1994 critically acclaimed documentary "Crumb," by his friend Terry Zwigoff, Crumb and his wife, Aline, fled the States to live in a medieval hippie village in France. (3)

The Crumb Museum website

IMDB website about the movie, CRUMB

Edward Gorey A spooky and dark author and illustrator of children's books including AMPHIGOREY and THE DOUBTFUL GUEST. His creepy Edwardian pen and ink illustrations inspired filmmakers such as Tim Burton. Edward Gorey House
Charles Addams The ever so imaginative mind behind the infamous "Addams Family." Morticia, Gomez, Lurch, the Thing, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester. Need we say more? Charles Addams Page
Berkeley Breathed A Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for children's books and comic strips.

The Official Berkeley Breathed Website

An interview

Sam Keith A cartoonish who in the past has worked with Marvel for SPIDERMAN, WOLVERINE, and HULK. Sam Keith Website


Children's book illustrators:


Born in 1820, this British illustrator was the first to work on Alice in Wonderland images. His works are sometimes fantasy-like but always with a dark twist.

John Tenniel's biography

Alice in Wonderland website

John R Neill's the OZ series Born in 1877, Neil illustrated for the Wizard of Oz series as well as many magazine and pamphlets at the turn of the century.

John R Neill's Website

Examples of his works


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