The Blue Fairy

The Mazzanti’s Blue Fairy in Collodi’s orginal text is seemingly callous towards Pinocchio. The two are walking seperately and Pinocchio must complete a chore before receiving her charity. The Blue Fairy tends to not show the same love and affection for Pinocchio. Moreover, the original tale a world made up of everyday problems, among which was getting enough to eat. This is not at all the utopian world of typical fairy tales, in which material problems can be overcome by magic and everyone lives happily ever after.

Gris Grimly's black-and-white illustrations depict the tale's darker and provacative pace. The Blue Fairy is modernized and animated which creates a more majestic appeal than in Collodi’s original portrayal. Additionally, the way Pinocchio is held by the Blue Fairy suggests a sentimental and maybe even sexual relationship between the two. It has also been noted by a few critiques that Pinocchio is rough-hewn, a folk art puppet, which makes it hard to feel the individual drama Pinocchio suffers.