Pinocchio's Image

In Collodi’s original story, Mazzanti’s illustrates Pinocchio as realistic, amusing, and always succumbing to “instant gratification”. He is primarily dressed in youthful attire almostrepresenting that of a jest. However, staying true to Collodi’s original story, Pinocchio’s surroundings are simple and humble, taking on the flare of a true Tuscan world.

However, in Disney’s modern rendition of Pinocchio, the puppet appears to have many more humanistic features than those of a doll. In addition to the life-like qualities added by color, Pinocchio tends to view as standing up straight with his feet pointed ahead, as opposed to the side which is often cause by the strings attached to the puppet controlled by the puppeteer. Also, seen on the cover of the Disney movie, the other characters and setting are much more complex than Collodi originally intended for them to be. Whether do to advancements in technology, political change, a more demanding and different audience (adult to child), it does not represent the tale’s original plain and bleak characters and setting.