Pinocchio was left stranded at the Red Crawfish Inn by the crafty fox and cat. He continued on to the Field of Miracles by himself to plant his gold coins so they would yield several thousand gold coins. On his journey the next day, he ran into the ghost of the Talking Cricket who advised Pinnochio to, "Go back and take the four gold pieces you still have left to your poor father, who is weeping in despair at not seeing you anymore". Pinocchio does not heed the Cricket's warning and continued on to the Field of Miracles. As Pinocchio leaves the Cricket, he hears him say, "Good night Pinocchio, and may Heaven protect you from the dampness and the assassins."


Here is where Pinocchio's journey into the dark and enchanted forest begins...

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Illustrators Include: Attilio Mussino, Roberto Innocenti and Gris Grimley

Based on the original Pinocchio Story by Carlo Collodi