Significance within the Decameron:


Pampinea: Third Day, Second Tale (A man sleeps with the wife of King Agilulf and shears all his hair to avoid an unpleasant fate)
Neifile: Fifth Day, Fifth Tale (A girl is wooed by her brother and Minghino and later given to Minghino)
Panfilo: Tenth Day, Ninth Tale (Messer Torello and Saladin exchange favors)

Pertinent data:

General Aspects: In Latin ticinum, Pavia lies in the Lombardia (Lombardy) region of Northern Italy. It lies on the left bank of the Ticino River, above its junction with the Po, 20 mi (32 km) south of Milan. After a series of wars with Milan from the 11th to the 13th century, it was finally subdued by the viscounts of Milan and the Visconti of Brittany in the 14th century and became the political centre of Italy under Gian Galeazzo II Visconti, who founded the University of Pavia.

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