The Duomo of Salerno


Significance within the Decameron:


Lauretta: Second Day, Fourth Tale: (Landalfo Rufolo turns pirate off the Amalfi coast to make a profit)
Fiammetta: Fourth Day, First Tale: (Ghismonda and Guiscardo's love affair ends in tragedy, at the hands of Tancredi, Prince of Salerno)
Dioneo: Fourth Day, Tenth Tale: (Ruggieri d'Aieroli lands himself in a trunk after drinking the medicine of Doctor Mazzeo della Montagna)

    Pertinent data:

    General Aspects: The town lies at the centre of the Gulf, at the mouth of the Irno River valley, not far from Piana del Sele. Robert Guiscard, the Norman ruler, conquered Salerno in 1077, making it the capital of his dominions; the foundation of the famous Scuola Medica Salernitana (school of medicine) enhanced its importance. Under the Swabian rulers, it declined with the growing importance of Naples. Salerno's economy, facilitated by the lines of communication, was based on the marketing of agricultural products and on maritime activities.

      (J. K., J. Q. & N. F.)