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Theses on Boccaccio


Olson, Kristina. The Afterlife of Dante's Commedia in Boccaccio's Decameron and Esposizioni. COLUMBIA U (PhD 2006) 217 pages.


Filosa, Elsa. L'arte del ritratto femminile in Boccaccio: Studi sulla narrativa del De mulieribus claris. U OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL (PhD 2005) 236 pages.

Marconi, Paola. 'D'amor volgarmente ragionando': Ragione e poetica tra Petrarca e Boccaccio. JOHNS HOPKINS U (PhD 2005) 421 pages.


Bardin, Gay Hsiao-Lin. The Plague of Language: A Reading of Boccaccio's Decameron. U OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES (PhD 2004) 239 pages.

Daniels, Rhiannon. Reading and Meaning: The Reception of Boccaccio's Teseida, Decameron, and De mulieribus claris to 1520. U OF LEEDS (PhD 2004) 370 pages.

Galligan, Francesca. Epic poetry of the Trecento: Dante's Comedy, Boccaccio's Teseida, and Petrarch's Africa. U OF OXFORD (PhD 2004) 236 pages.

Zaldivar, Molly Mezzetti. Boccaccio and romance. U OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN (PhD 2004) 178 pages.


Brody, Annelise Morani. Virginitas: La crisi del mito della perfezione nella tradizione letteraria italiana del Rinascimento. JOHNS HOPKINS U (PhD 2002) 253 pages (in Italian).

Cozzarelli, Julia Marie. The Flight of the Imagination: Imagination, Love and Reason in the Italian Renaissance. YALE U (PhD 2003) 242 pages.

Edmondson, George Thomas. Troilus and Criseyde Between Two Deaths. U OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES (PhD 2003) 212 pages.

Eibenstein-Alvisi, Irene. The Dialogic Construction of Woman in the Italian Renaissance. CORNELL U (PhD 2003) 187 pages.

Houston, Jason M. Boccaccio Dantista: Scholarship and Invention. YALE U (PhD 2003) 182 pages.

Rich, Ella. An Edition and Study of the Fifteenth-Century Castilian Translation of Boccaccio's Geographical Dictionary. INDIANA U (PhD 2003) 797 pages.


Arcieri, Rosanna Silvestri. The Italian Influences in the Novel Don Quijote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. COLUMBIA U (PhD 2002) 178 pages (in Spanish).

Barsella, Susanna. Work and Creation: A Humanistic Concept from Antiquity to Boccaccio. JOHNS HOPKINS U (PhD 2002) 388 pages.

D'Amore, Andrea. Ariosto's Rewriting of Boccaccio and the Novella Tradition in the Orlando Furioso. HARVARD U (PhD 2002) 122 pages.

Fordyce, Cristiana Francesca. Personal Value and Common Repute: Dialectic of Intention in the Communal Era. BOSTON C (PhD 2002) 228 pages (in Italian).

Marafioti, Martin. Narration as Prophylaxis: The 'Decameron' Tradition. JOHNS HOPKINS U (PhD 2002) 242 pages.